Things To Consider Before Renovating Your House Basement To Make It Look More Than Just An Ordinary Storage Space

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A basement is a significant way to add value to your home. Although renovating the basement of a house isn’t a very straightforward task, it is well worth the investment. An unfinished basement can make you store your unwanted stuff there, however you can’t compare it with a finished basement that adds living space to your home.

Your unfinished basement will be messy, and it will also not be pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, you can manage your stuff in the best possible way in a finished basement.

Why don’t you think of utilizing your basement space as a living area? Have you ever thought about it? Can your basement  be used for something other than a storage space? Use your basement to enhance the functional space of your house.

Here’s a guide on how to renovate your basement and what things you should consider when you think of renovating it:

1.   Look for moisture

A flood is one of the things that is associated with a basement. How bad will it be when you renovate your home’s basement during the winter, and the flood arrives in the spring? That’s the reason you should look for any sign of moisture in your basement.

Carefully inspect cracks, and if you find any moisture-related issues, sort it out instantly. The basement is something you cannot renovate every season, so make sure it’s moisture issues are done for once and all.

2.   Choose flooring options carefully

When you are renovating the basement of your house, it’s recommended to have a close look at the flooring options. You can renovate a basement with acacia wood because it has a unique color, texture, and shine. Acacia wood is not only the hardest flooring of the lot, but it’s also waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry at all about the moisture.

The flooring of a basement matters the most because it’s a place of your house that is most vulnerable to hazards and damage. Perfect flooring cannot only increase the life of your basement, but it’s a way of enhancing the overall beauty of your basement.

A carpet is another flooring option you can have because once you complete the basement of your house, you can use this space as a living room too.

3.   Plan an open layout

The basement has to be a cozy and comfy place in your house. People normally use this space for storage purposes, but when it comes to the layout for a basement, a good option is an open layout.

An open layout will leave you with so many possibilities if you want to do anything with it in the future. All you have to do is finish your outside walls, and make sure to present an open concept. You can then use furniture to define the different areas of the space.

A basement is the place of a house you can use for various purposes. Don’t over-complicate things, and keep it simple and elegant in the form of an open layout.

4.   Insulate your walls

Insulating the walls of a basement is a must-do option these days. Usually, unfinished walls of a basement are of cinder blocks. Insulation cannot only decrease your heating cost, but it can also increase the comfort level of your basement.

You can use spray foam, foamboard, or fiberglass insulation for long-lasting effects. Insulation can significantly prevent mold and mildew growth, and these are very prevalent things in a basement.

Fiberglass insulation is one of the most popular options. Once you’re done with the pre-work renovation, never skip the active renovation like insulating your walls.

5.   Identify hazmat

Hazmat or hazardous materials can be there in your basement because it is the least visited place of your house. Molds, stored solvents, and lack of ventilation are some of the hazards which are often associated with a basement.

Work with your contractor and make sure to get rid of all hazmat and hazards when you are renovating your basement. It’d be best if they can identify and pick potential hazards and bring it to the lab for some tests if needed.

Your safety, as well as the safety of your family members, has to be your first priority.

6.   Never underestimate the importance of a storage space

A storage room is a must-have option in your basement. One of the best things about having a storage space in your basement is you don’t have to finish it like the rest of your house.

You will be able to save a lot of money for finishing costs by incorporating a storage space in your basement. All you have to do is build storage racks in your basement and add some storage bins.

Although you have to spend some extra dollars on storage equipment, you will be able to manage your basement storage without any sort of mess.  

7.   Go for Lightening

When you are renovating the basement of your house, never forget the importance of lighting. What if we tell you can use your basement as an entertainment area or a bar? How classy will it be?

A workbench is another must-have option for your basement, and the lighting has to be bright over your workbench. One of the best types of lighting you can use in your basement is recessed lighting.

Pendants can be the perfect additional lighting option if you want to present your basement as an entertainment arena.  


The basement is an important space in your house, like any other living space. It’s a general perception that the basement can only be used for unwanted stuff and storage purposes. That’s a myth, and now is the time to get rid of this false perception.

The basement has to be renovated in a way to present as a living space. Although it’d be best if you have storage options in your basement, don’t just think of this place as a useless space. If you have an old basement, and you are thinking of renovating it, read the aforementioned tips.

It’s a complete guide on what are the things you should consider before renovating your house basement.

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