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Kohler Verdera Lighted 20x30 RX Cabinet K-99003-TLC-NA $1,500 value
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Transform the Layout of Your Bathroom With a Custom Remodel

Alure is pleased to offer a custom bathroom remodeling service for homeowners who are looking to either expand their bathroom or change the footprint of the space. With a custom bathroom project, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Let our designers create the custom bath oasis of your dreams.

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Increase the Size of Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom often feel cramped? During a custom bath remodel, we can expand the walls and provide you with the wide-open space you’ve always wanted. Perhaps your bathroom backs up to a hallway closet or spare bedroom that you never use—if that’s the case, we can knock down walls and turn that space into part of your bathroom. Or if that’s not an option, we can construct an addition on the exterior of your home.

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Update the Layout of Your Bathroom

Maybe you’re happy with the size of your bathroom, but you simply don’t like how everything is laid out. Perhaps you’d like to have your toilet directly next to your vanity rather than adjacent to the shower—the preference is yours. Certain bathrooms weren’t designed with flow in mind, but we can remedy that by changing the footprint of the space.

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Move Your Bathroom to a Different Area of the House

If you don’t like where your bathroom is currently situated, we can move it to an entirely different spot in your home. Don’t be concerned if your current plumbing layout wouldn’t support a move like this—we can adjust your plumbing as needed. With that being said, we can also build an additional bathroom while keeping the existing one where it is.

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