Old Bathtub TODAY… New Shower TOMORROW with Alure Home Improvements

One of the most significant benefits of shower conversion is that an old bathtub can be revitalized into a main feature in the bathroom. Rather than living with a damaged or dirty old tub that only gets used for taking showers, an acrylic shower conversion is a practical and cost-effective alternative that can be done in JUST ONE DAY. We offer a variety of styles, textures, colors and sizes of showers to consider. You can get a shower with framed or frameless doors, multiple seat options or even with a barrier-free shower for easy access.

A few examples of the accessories included with a shower conversion are:

  • Recessed or flush-mount soap dishes
  • Corner caddies
  • Single and corner shelves
  • Safety grab bars

Made from 100 percent virgin acrylic, our product will not chip, crack or fade, making it virtually maintenance free and lifetime guaranteed.

Remodel Your Bathroom To Fit Your Needs

Tub to Shower - Suffolk County

If you want to convert your bathtub to a shower, it’s as easy as a one-day remodel!

Alure Home Improvements is a full-service remodeling company who can handle any size, shape, or aspect of your bathroom remodel. Let our expert designers help you change your bathroom to fit your specific needs! Our team handles every aspect of the job from design, installation, service and much more.

If you are looking to remodel your entire bathroom, click here to read more about our 5-day and custom bathroom options.

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“Thank You Alure for my new Bathroom! It is amazing and yes it only took 5 days!!”