Is a Basement Renovation Worth My Time?

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Picture this. You’re selling your home in a few years and your agent is doing the first walk-through of your home. Everything seems normal to her for a house in this neighborhood. That is until she gets down to your renovated basement.

“Wow!” she says. Amazed at your private movie theater complete with luxurious leather recliners and a popcorn machine.

She’s excited about the possibility of getting a buyer to pay more for an extra floor of living space.  The basement renovation project you were hesitant about just a few years ago is paying off in strides.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally have a finished basement for that extra floor of living space for yourself and the extra money that you could possibly get for it? Somewhere to put a home gym or an extra guest room instead of just the standard junk room.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream

A finished basement comes with one of the best return on investments for homeowners willing to put in the time and money.

But make no mistake, it’s a lot of work.  This article will show you how to get the most out of your basement renovation.

What to Focus On

Before you do anything, be sure to check the building codes in your area.

Everything from room size, number of windows, and even what kind of insulation you use are often dictated by your local building codes.

Moisture is your biggest enemy when jumping head first into a basement renovation.  An easy way to test for moisture in your basement is to tape a two foot square of plastic to the floors and walls. After a few weeks, if you see water droplets forming under the plastic film, you’ll need to address the issue before finishing the walls off.

Safety First

Most homes keep their water heaters down below in their basement.  Some older homes may have a furnace down there as well.

Call a professional out to check any of these fuel-burning appliances beforehand to avoid dangerous and expensive disasters. Your ventilation system needs to be working well too in order to keep the heat from these devices from building up.

Plan Ahead

Before you start ripping into the walls of your basement, make sure you have a place to put all that construction debris.

Rent a dumpster and clear out the basement beforehand. Do a huge haul out so you understand what kind of space you’re working with and what’s within the realm of possibility.

Is a Basement Renovation Worth My Time?

Finishing Up

With all the logistics out of the way, it’s time to talk about decorating.

Lighting can change a dark and dingy basement into a warm and inviting game room. 

Try adding wall sconces and recessed lighting connected to a dimmer so you can control the mood with the turn of a dial.

And just because we’re underground doesn’t mean we can’t include natural light. Most basements have one or two small windows.  But since you’re going to be doing a lot of work on the walls anyway see if it’s within your budget to add more.

“Is a Basement Renovation Worth My Time?”

As you’re signing the escrow papers you think back to when you were first considering a basement renovation.

You weren’t sure you’d ever see any of that money ever again.

But not only has your finished basement given you years of joy, but you’re also going to be getting a percentage of what you spent back.

That feels good.

Investing in your home is always nerve-wracking.  But investing in your home isn’t just about charging more when you go to sell it. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor before putting your home on the market.

Most people already have a dream and a vision for their home and this is the time where you can execute it. Enjoy what you’ve done and if you ever need to leave it behind, bask in its glory and do it all over again.

Still don’t know what you want? Schedule a consultation. Rest assured that Alure Home Improvements can do what you need in terms of home improvements not just for the basement and we’ve been doing this since 1946.


Guest Post Written By Maricriz Rodriguez.

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