How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming Our Lives

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Staying up to date with all the technological advances can be a challenge. Sometimes, it can even be overwhelming since it takes us out of our comfort zones and pushes us forward to keep up with all the innovative technology coming up every day.

But artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the way we live for the better with its so many convenient features and functionalities that take off the burden of performing trivial tasks, and allows to automate our home. So you may want to consider the latest AI solutions in the market to upgrade your tech and improve your life at home.

What Is AI and How Can It Improve Our Lives?

Artificial intelligence is the engineering and design of machines that simulate human intelligence, which works with digital algorithms that give them decision-making capacities based on human input, sensors, and digital information. AI machines have the ability to make operating decisions and solve problems based on information that has been previously fed into their systems, and they indeed are surprisingly intelligent.

Contrary to popular belief, AI machines are not created with the purpose of replacing humans but to make their lives easier and more automized since they have the power to improve the way we do things. As soon as we start to embrace the amazing functionalities available from AI, we can rely on it for all kinds of things around the home–like making freshly brewed coffee as soon as you ask Alexa to start brewing or turning the lights on at the first sign of darkness for home security purposes. Keep reading and discover many other terrific functionalities to take advantage from AI-infused tech.

AI Assistants 

Personal assistants have become increasingly popular in almost every home nowadays; these are also known as virtual assistants and can support life at home with a very wide range of tasks. The most popular AI assistants nowadays are Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

These AI assistants can understand natural language, the users make queries, and the AI assistant can provide information to questions or perform tasks based on commands such as:

  • Siri find me an apple cobbler recipe
  • Siri please set a reminder to call my client at 3:00 pm today
  • Alexa set up my alarm for tomorrow at 7:00 am

What’s even better is that these personal assistants can be paired with other AI devices around the home, so you can ask Alexa to play your favorite playlist on the speakers or to start the coffee brewer at the same time as your wake up alarm goes off.

AI in The Kitchen

Even for those who like to cook, a few tasks can be a hassle; fortunately for us, AI has been taking over today’s kitchen with some popular gadgets; check out these innovative options if you want to embrace the future in your kitchen. Consider different brands will have different features, always review a few options before you purchase to make sure you get the most suitable for your needs.

Smart Fridge

Pretty much any fridge will fulfil the purpose of keeping your food cold, but a smart fridge does much more than that; this appliance can be used for:

  • Create shopping lists
  • Check on expiration dates
  • Check the inside of the fridge with your smartphone with the inner cameras
  • Browse the internet, search for recipes and read them out loud
  • Save your favorite recipes
  • Stream music or tv shows online, and more

Kitchen Hub

With a kitchen hub you can connect all your other smart kitchen gadgets and control them from the hub; there are some practical features such as:

  • Making video calls with friends and family while you cook
  • Online streaming of your favorite series or videos
  • Screen guided recipes from cooking apps
  • Ventilation functionality

Smart Stovetop

A smart stovetop will allow you to:

  • Voice control cooking times and temperature
  • Synchronize the lighting and ventilation
  • Rely on improved safety
  • Wi-Fi connection

 Instant Pot with Wi-Fi

An instant pot will allow you to cook remotely since you can control it with your mobile device to:

  • Setup turn-on and turn-off time
  • Schedule timer
  • Control cooking times and check on cooking progress
  • Connect to other smart kitchen appliances

Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Everybody wants to have an air fryer nowadays, and nothing can be trendier than a Wi-Fi enabled Air Fryer, this appliance will allow you to:

  • Look for online recipes
  • Monitor meal frying process
  • Pair with AI assistants to be able to use voice control

Smart Oven with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi enabled ovens will allow you to control your oven with any mobile device remotely, so you can:

  • Strat preheat mode from afar
  • Adjust temperatures with a smartphone
  • Set up clock and cleaning functionalities remotely
  • Pair with other smart kitchen devices and AI assistant
  • Receive notifications

Automatic Pan Stirrer

An automatic pan stirrer can save you the arm fatigue from stirring endlessly; since it self rotates, you can leave it on for all those recipes that require constant motion; with a pan stirrer, you can:

  • Set up timer
  • Select desired speed
  • Adjust remotely with a mobile device

 Smart Coffee Maker

Smart coffee makers are a fantastic advantage since you can start brewing coffee with a voice command to your AI assistant or with a touch on your smartphone; these appliances have features like:

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Voice command activated
  • Adjustable with any mobile device and an app

AI for Home Cleaning and Lawn Mowing

Cleaning and maintaining a home in good shape can be very time consuming, and AI devices were designed precisely for that purpose, to save you time, precious time that you can spend practicing sports, reading a book or enjoying your favorite hobby while relying on the effective job of these functional robots that make easy to clean a home.

Broom and Mopping Robot 

Broom and mopping robots have built-in sensors that find and clean dirt from the floor; some of the capabilities of these robots are:

  • Look for dirt and sweep it away
  • Remove dust, dirt and debris
  • Jet spraying sanitizing liquid
  • Carpeting and object sensors
  • Remote controlled with a smart device and an app

Vacuuming Robot

Vacuuming robots have made it easier to keep the home free of dust at all times, these robots have very practical functionalities such as:

  • Remotely controlled with a smartphone controls and app
  • Enabled with voice commands
  • Turn-on and turn-off time scheduling

Lawn Mowing Robot

Keeping your lawn sharp at all times has never been easier; a lawn mowing robot has sensors that allow it to dodge obstacles like trees, flower beds or steep inclines; choose a robot that has:

  • Anti theft sensors
  • Rain sensor
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Remote controlled with a smartphone
  • Noise reduction feature

AI in the Bedroom

AI can also enhance comfort and rest in the bedroom with practical gadgets that promise the highest levels of automation.

Smart Lighting and Lamps

AI allows you to control not only your bedroom’s lights but your whole home’s lighting even when you are not there; with smart lighting, you can:

  • Change colors of led lighting
  • Voice activate lighting
  • Schedule turn-on and turn-off times
  • Remotely control with a smart device and app

Smart Air Conditioner

During the warm season, start your AC from a remote location before you get home, and have the perfect temperature when you arrive; some features of smart AC are:

  • Energy-saving features to improve electricity costs
  • Turn-on and turn-off scheduling
  • Wi-Fi enabled to be remotely controlled
  • Pairing capabilities with AI assistant

Smart Blinds

Choose blinds that can be controlled and operated remotely, whether from the inside of your home or from a different city you are always in control; these blinds can:

  • Be activated with a voice command
  • Controlled with an app or remote control in some cases
  • Be paired with an AI assistant

Smart Speakers

These are some of the most commonly used AI gadgets nowadays, and have features such as:

  • Wi-Fi enabled and smart device controlled
  • Integration with AI assistants
  • Music streaming
  • Alarm scheduling
  • Voice-activated commands

Smart TV

Smart TVs have been in the market for quite some time already, but there are many different options that include several different features; before you purchase, make sure to do some research until you find the ideal smart Tv for your needs, some popular features include:

  • Pre installed apps
  • Wireless streaming and casting on screen
  • Smart home control integration with other smart devices
  • 4K resolution
  • Integrated games
  • AI personal assistant pairing

As you can see, AI-infused gadgets, robots, and appliances can make life at home easier and more comfortable. Most of these machines are designed to be energy-efficient to support cost saving  and a more sustainable world and reduce the carbon footprint we generate in the long term. Consider which household chores you find most annoying and get the AI gadgets that will allow you to avoid them and enjoy more free time.

About The Author: Cassandra is a content writer at She is passionate about home improvement, technology, sustainability, reading, writing, and music.  
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