How To Automate Your Home

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There is a growing appreciation for smart homes nowadays. More and more homeowners are planning to install premium home automation systems as part of their dream home improvement project. If you have the same plan, continue reading this blog! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about automating your own home and how it can improve your indoor experiences in the future.

What is home automation?

Picture these:

  • You have remote access to your door locks; you can unlock and lock them even when you’re not home.
  • You can monitor your home’s security camera footages from your office.
  • You and the police get notified immediately when somebody or something triggered the alarm.
  • Your lights are on schedule. They automatically turn on and off; you can control them whenever and wherever you are in the world.
  • You can cool or heat up your bedroom before you come home from work or a vacation.
  • Your coffee machine brews a cup every morning when you wake up.
  • You can control your home entertainment system via voice command.

All these and more are possible because of home automation. It gives you the ability to plan, schedule, and control multiple functions in your house remotely using a mobile device. It aims to make your life more convenient and your home a better place.

List of smart home features worth adopting

The home automation industry offers something new almost every day. Here’s a list of the technologies worth adopting. The items with a star are features that many homeowners prefer.

  • Voice-activated assistants ⋆
  • Smart speakers ⋆
  • Smart TVs ⋆
  • Smart thermostats ⋆
  • Smart fans
  • Smart plugs ⋆
  • Smart light switches ⋆
  • Smart bulbs ⋆
  • Doorbells with video ⋆
  • Smart locks ⋆
  • Smart pet doors
  • Robotic vacuum ⋆
  • Smart bed/mattress
  • Smart refrigerator ⋆
  • Smart ovens
  • Smart dishwasher ⋆
  • Smart washer and dryer combo ⋆
  • Smart slow pressure cooker
  • Smart coffee maker ⋆
  • Smart trash can
  • Smart toilet ⋆
  • Smart mirror
  • Smart shower
  • Touch-free tapware ⋆
  • Light sensitive, controllable privacy window screens
  • Smart baby monitor
  • Smart crib and cradle
  • Room sensors
  • Indoor video surveillance (ideal for families with toddlers and Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients)
  • Smart pet feeders
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes for pets
  • Automated garden sprinklers ⋆
  • Wireless phone charging surfaces

The list of smart home technologies gets longer every day. There will be more exciting gadgets and updates that you should anticipate.

If you plan to automate your home, we highly suggest getting an opinion from home automation experts. Schedule a consultation with them and let them know how your daily life goes. The best home automation experts will base the automation plan on your routine, needs, lifestyle, and your home’s architecture.

Home automation while remodeling or building a new home

This is the perfect time to retrofit a home automation system! Ensure that you have factored in all the expenses related to this on your home improvement project before starting.

However, if budget is an issue, opt to have the home automation process after the build. Save up to get the level of automation that you want, or install one feature at a time. Smart lighting is the perfect entry point for you if you are interested in living in a smart home. Purchasing voice-activated assistants like Alexa is also great, for this will help you practice living in a fully automated smart home.

Is home automation worth it?

From being a trend, home automation is now an asset that many homeowners seek in new or renovated homes. It is fast becoming a part of standard building in the US and several countries in Europe and in Asia. Many people are embracing this tech trend too and they enjoy so many advantages from slashing energy bills, to heightening safety and security, to boosting its market value.

If you want to experience these benefits as well, consider incorporating them into your new build or renovation works. 

About The Author: Charlene Gonzales is a design writer from Superdraft, Australia. Follow them on Facebook.
Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash

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