10 Simple Design Ideas for an Easy to Clean Home

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While everyone wants a clean house, not everyone has the time and energy to spruce it up. Luckily, you can still have a clean place no matter how busy you are.

Listed below are ten easy-to-do cleaning tips that you can follow to have a spic and span home:

Choose the Right Floor for Each Room

Cleaning the floor is an arduous affair, especially since you can’t help but walk all over it. As such, choose the right flooring in different areas of your home. Doing so can make cleaning easy as a breeze.

The rule of thumb is to not use carpeted floors in places with constant foot traffic. For example, your living room and the kitchen and dining areas should not be carpeted as much as possible. Hardwood floors are best for these areas.

If anything, you should only really have carpeted floors in bedrooms, a more intimate space that won’t get many people walking on it. Carpets are difficult to clean when they’re dirty, which is why you should place them in more relaxed and private spaces.

Paint Your Walls with High Gloss Paint

Having kids or pets around the house will mean that you’re probably constantly running around after them and cleaning the messes that they make.

With that said, you might want to change the type of paint you use in your house. This ensures that you won’t have trouble cleaning them if your kids decide to recolor the walls themselves.

Instead of matte paint, high gloss paint will be much easier to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to get rid of stains on your wall for hours.

Sure, this is not the most pleasing to look at, but it can be an alternative in the meantime until your kids understand the idea of not dirtying up your walls.

Replace Blinds with Washable Curtains

Blinds are another difficult task to clean when you’re trying to get rid of dust in the house. They often store dust, which can be harmful to people who have allergies or respiratory issues.

Even if you don’t have these health concerns, they can still irritate you and cause you to sneeze, which is not that pleasant.

With that said, if you have heavy blinds, they can be home to tons of dust, which is a challenge to clean with a feather duster alone. Instead of using blinds like that, opt for washable curtains rather which you can easily clean by washing in the laundry.

Opt for Elevated Furniture

Having clean floors is a challenge because you inevitably will step on them all the time. Moreover, certain pieces of furniture can get in the way of you getting a complete clean.

Since these are often heavy pieces of furniture, it’s not easy to get under there to clean and get rid of dirt under there.

If you want to make things easier for you, opt to use elevated furniture pieces. Look for ones that have legs so that you can quickly get rid of dirt beneath the furniture.

Another benefit to using pieces of furniture that elevate off the floor is that it makes a room look more spacious and roomy. That’s because it feels like there’s more floor space around your home.

Choose Easy to Clean Upholstery

Speaking of furniture, certain materials that your upholstery can make them easier to clean.

Examples of upholstery material that makes them easier to clean would be leather, microfiber, vinyl, and velvet, to name a few. They may not be easy to clean, but they are not challenging to maintain.

Install More Built-in Storage

Built-in storage can help get rid of any knick-knacks and clutter that’s around your house.

If you have more built-in storage, it will be easier for you to keep things that you use in the house in the right place. That way, every item in your house has a home.

Doing so can make it easier for you to put these things away since you know where you should store these items.

Leave Enough Space Behind the Toilet

When cleaning the bathroom, the part behind the toilet can be tough to clean. More so if your toilet is one with a small gap between the wall and fixture.

That’s why when installing a toilet, try and get one that is flush against the wall, so there’s no space for you to worry about.

Create a Kitchen Hideaway

Adding more storage solutions to keep your smaller kitchen appliances can help make your counter space look a lot cleaner and more organized. You can install pigeon holes on your countertop to keep them organized but still easy to access.

Install New Countertops

If you use cheap materials when you made or had your kitchen countertops made, it can make them look a lot dirtier than they are.

Over time, these more inexpensive materials can also be harder to clean and keep clean. The more damaged they are, the less cleaning can help with making your countertops look good.

With that said, sometimes, it might be time to do a home project and install new countertops to make your home easier to clean. New countertops in the kitchen will be much cleaner which is essential since that’s the place where you prepare and handle food.

It can make your kitchen look appealing since you have new countertops, and they’ll last longer if you get higher-quality ones.

Place Your Laundry in the Most Convenient Place

The experts at Maid Sailors always tell their clients, the best way to make your home easy to clean is to make cleaning convenient.

One of the toughest household chores that requires you to do many things is washing your dirty laundry.

Instead of hiding your laundry away, consider placing your hamper in your laundry area. After all, your visitors are less likely to check your laundry area.

If you have a designated hamper for every member of your family, consider placing it in their bedroom. And ensure that they have lids.


The ten design ideas listed above are simple changes you can make to have a clean home. It also ensures that deep cleaning will not be a chore once you have the time to do it. But if you have the budget, though, consider hiring a home cleaning service. That way, your house remains spruced up despite your schedule.

About the Author: Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for MaidSailors.com, home cleaning services NYC.
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

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