Why is it a must to keep plants at home?

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Houseplants are more than just for decorating. They can also provide you with numerous health benefits too. But you also don’t need to turn the entire house into one big greenhouse filled with plants, either. All you really need is to spend on a few plants that could help you improve indoor aesthetics and you and your family’s health simultaneously.

Numerous researches have been done on the benefits of plants on human health, and these benefits reported from these studies include increased productivity as well. To really enjoy the benefits of having plants around, try having one potted plant for every 100 square feet. If you’re still thinking about adding plants in your home, I will give you three BIG reasons that’ll convince you:

Clears Toxins In Your Home!

Indoor air pollution is able to put you at risk for stroke by 34%, heart disease by 26%, lung cancer by 6%, and put your children at risk for respiratory infections by 6%. Plants are Mother Nature’s air purifier, and they can greatly help in removing compounds from fuels, clothing, and furnishings. Now, there is conflicting research about if plants can purify the air around you or not. One study in NASA’s popular Clean Air Study from 1989, but this was done in a controlled space and your home would need to have about 680 potted plants to get the same effect as NASA’s study.

Another study noted that plants can reduce Carbon Dioxide in the air, and found that having three to six plants in the office is a good way to keep air toxins below the recommended level. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work either. Adding living plants to your home can still provide you with detoxification effects, thus, they are a great source of maintaining your home fresh and clean.

You Feel Less Sick!

Plants have a microclimate that increases air humidity and is most likely as a result of the water from the plants. This makes it possible for plants to filter certain airborne microbes such as dry air and specks of dust that are known to irritate your senses. One study from Washington State University concluded a  20% reduction of dust with plants in the room. Plants used in the study were plants commonly found inside the home and tropical plants.

Plants Boost Your Mood!

According to Texas Agriculture and Medicine University, people who spend time taking care of plants are more likely to be more empathetic towards one another. Touching plants also makes you feel more relaxed according to the book Holistic Solutions for Anxiety and Depression. Plants are also known to be associated with positive events and are known to be mood enhancers.

One study reported that flowers tend to have an immediate impact on happiness while helping to improve memory. Having plants in your bedroom also improves your sleep quality due to the increased production of oxygen, so you’re not breathing in a lot of Carbon Dioxide as you sleep.

While travelling, look for vacation rentals or hotels that seem to have thought about flowering, as your travel experience will be significantly better. For instance, my hometown Tampa boasts a wide range of flowers which are a beautiful and great addition to your home. If you plan to visit Florida, there are tons of places around the city that provide different varieties of flowers. You should be seeing some of these varieties in your bedroom too!

What Are Good Plants For Air Purifying?

Here are some of the most effective plants that you should consider placing in your house. They should be available in any Flower shop near you, as these flowers are popular worldwide.

Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is a popular houseplant which is a variety of ficus. It’s known for its glossy and oversized leaves and thick stems that allow it to store water. Rubber plants thrive in bright to moderate indirect light.


Dubbed as the “cubicle plant,” the pothos is the most common plant used in offices. Similar to a Philodendron, its vines can grow up to 10 feet long.


You’d recognize it by its heart-shaped leaves and vines that grow up to 10 feet long, which makes this the perfect plant to be placed on high shelves. It’s also known for being one of the easiest plants to grow and cultivate too.

Snake Plant

If you want a no-fuss tropical plant, then the Snake Plant is perfect for you. The reason they call it Snake Plant is that its thin and upright leaves with irregular bands resemble that of a reptile’s scale.

ZZ Plant

For houses or apartments with low-light exposure, the ZZ Plant is the perfect plant. These are dry-tolerant and low-maintenance plants that are easy to take care of and can survive a day or two without being watered.

Having plants around the house can do wonders, whether it’s to make the empty corner in your room look nice or to just clean the air. You can easily create a retreat place where after a tiring day, you can relax and why not add a few potted plants in different parts of the house or apartment you can already do wonders for your home and you and your family.

About The Author: Monica Gibson is an architect and writer for different design websites. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She puts a big effort into working with her clients and tried to help them in the best way she can.
Photo by Lisa Fotios & Pixabay from Pexels

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