Six Houseplants Perfect for the Spring

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If you’re looking to spruce up your home, there’s no better way than by adding a few decorative plants. Plants are an inexpensive way to add color and natural beauty to a room – all while improving the air quality. Consider these six plants to upgrade your space this year.


The philodendron has distinctive leaves that look as though an artist has carved them. It’s easy to re-pot and replant (all you need to do is cut off the top with the air roots attached), which makes it easy to propagate into multiple plants. Philodendrons only need watering about once a week.

2. Amaryllis

Amaryllis plants look absolutely stunning in a bay window. (A Bay window is the best way to allow the sun in to showcase all your plants!) They’re most commonly planted outside, but you can easily bring them indoors. A glorious plant that grows from a bulb, it produces large, vivid flowers on thin stalks. There are many colors to choose from, including salmon, red, and even multicolored patterns. These plants are typically sold as potted plants and produce flowers from the end of winter to summer. Once it stops producing flowers, you can dig up the bulb, store it for a few weeks, and then replant. This allows you to experience the beauty of amaryllis over and over again.

3. African Violet

The African violet is a classic choice for a houseplant. These plants are compact, fitting well into any space, and free-flowering. They produce silky leaves and colorful flowers,coming in shades of purple, pink, and white. Requiring filtered light and occasional watering, these flowers bloom year-round with minimal attention.

4. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are alsocommonly found outside, particularly in tropical areas. These plants can alsobe brought indoors, forming gorgeous rosettes in a variety of colors. You’llfind bromeliads in red, yellow, orange, purple, or green. This ornamental plantnot only complements your decor, but it also adds a unique focal point. Makesure you use a fast-draining potting soil, so it gets the right levels ofmoisture and nutrients.

5. Eucharist Lily

The Eucharist Lily is adeep green plant with large, white flowers. These flowers bloom during winterand early spring, adding a pop of color in your home exactly when it needs itmost. Even when the plant is not blooming, it produces lush foliage that stilladds elegance to your decor. The plant should be grown in medium light, andonly needs to water about once a week.

6. Snake Plant

Snake plants sound creepy, but they’re really quite beautiful. These plants make a major statement in more contemporary design schemes. They also bring life to a newly remodeled bathroom. Just place them in a corner or bathroom countertop. They produce sword-shaped leaves that twist up from the soil like snakes rising from baskets. Known for its foliage and not for flowers, this plant needs water less than once a week. It can thrive in most settings and makes a show-stopping statement among the rest of your decor. Be aware snake plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

If you’re ready to brighten up a room or two with houseplants, remember the containers are almost as important as what goes in them. Familiarize yourself with the growing requirements and the size your plants will reach at maturity. Then place them in locations where they’ll not only complement your decor but will also thrive. With a little bit of care and minimal expense, you can incorporate one or more of these houseplants perfect for decor this spring.

About The Author: Emily Higgins is a writer and homeowner inspired by retro pinup–she is constantly working on revamping her fixer-upper to have a more chic vintage style. When she’s not working on remodeling, she can be found tending to her organic garden and cooking for family and friends.


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