Decorating trends for cooking areas [Infographic]

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Spice Up The Kitchen: Decorating Trends For Cooking Areas

Kitchen decor has to serve dual purposes: It should be attractive, but it also has to be highly functional. So when you’re thinking about how to redecorate your kitchen this year, consider some of the following trends to keep things both stylish and workable.

  • Countertops
  • Marble is a hot trend in terms of looks, but for durability and ease of maintenance, quartz is the way to go.
  • Quartz – BEST OPTION
    • Simulated Carrera marble keeps things white and bright while still maintaining an organic feel.
    • Simulated Calcutta gold is slightly darker but still leaves a clean, bright look.
  • Quartzite is incredibly tough while also providing vivid colors and patterns.
  • For Cabinets, stick with white this year. They allow the texture of the countertops to stand out.
  • Sinks should be chosen to fit your functional needs, but one of the best options is a farmhouse sink. Instead of hiding the sink within your counter, it shows it off front and center and gives you tons of room for cooking and cleaning.
  • Stone backsplashes made of marble or quartzite don’t just match countertops – they spice up a kitchen in a way that simple porcelain tile can’t. Beware it will affect your budget.
  • Porcelain Tile that mimics the look of wood has a natural look but is easy to take care of.

Kitchen Decor Trends

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