How to create a country-style kitchen

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You don't have to live in rural America to enjoy the look and feel of a country-style kitchen. Whether you live in the suburbs of Long Island or the more industrial parts of the tri-state area, you can transform your kitchen into one with farm-style influences. Sherry Gossett, kitchen and bath specialist at Alure Home Improvements, shared the kitchen renovations and other components needed to achieve the look.

Farm sink
There's nothing like a large farm-style sink that doubles as a focal point of a country kitchen. This kind of sink is typically oversized, deep and boxy, and lacks the divider that's usually in the middle of other sinks. The faucet is equally bold and allows for optimal space and functionality, in addition to beautiful aesthetics.

Rustic island
A large island is another common characteristic of a country-style kitchen. Not only is it great for entertaining guests, but it's also a beautiful focal point that adds to the appeal of the kitchen. Stick to natural materials, like butcher block wood, for its countertop, and use rustic chairs that your guests can sit on while food and drinks are prepared.

"Use wood countertops for a natural country feel."

Countertops with style
Don't be afraid to combine different counters for an eclectic country look. Use Quartz that mimics marble on the main part of the kitchen for a beautiful look that's maintenance free. Opt for butcher block on the island to add a cozy, yet very functional look.

Traditional lighting
When deciding on lighting for your kitchen, remember that traditional pieces are key. 

"Pendants such as those found at Restoration Hardware [work best with this style of kitchen]," noted Gossett.

Rather than install recessed lighting or other subtle fixtures, opt for bolder, antique pieces that draw attention while providing the appropriate lighting for your kitchen.

Country colors
Using the right color scheme is crucial to achieving the look of a country-style kitchen. Be sure to use a lot of white, yellow and cream all around the space to nail the look and feel. 

"[Choose these colors for] cabinets," said Gossett. "Some may also add some sage or blue."

Achieving a country style kitchen is all in the details.
Achieving a country-style kitchen is all in the details.

Decorative details
Achieving the look of a country kitchen goes beyond just selecting the right countertops and colors. A large part of it depends on including the right details. Try hanging copper pots and decorating with antique bowls and paintings. Gossett also suggested using glazing and glass to further achieve a rustic look. 

Although this type of kitchen works best in a traditional Colonial or cape home, it can work with nearly any style, provided the rest of the house is decorated in a similar manner. Wood floors and accents leading up to the kitchen, for example, will help keep the style more streamlined and blended together. 

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