12 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

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12 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

When was the last time you thought of renovating your kitchen? Are you still looking for some amazing ideas to decorate or update your kitchen space?

We have clubbed some great, inexpensive and easy-to-do ideas to grace your kitchen. Go for all the options or pick your favorite ones from our list. Make your kitchen an up-to-date one by both look and function.

Here are the Top 12 Top Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen:

 We have fetched some interesting and budget-friendly ways to update your kitchen.      

  1. Hang Some Shelves:

Does your kitchen lack upper cabinets? Give your favorite space a nice decorative touch with the functional display shelves. You can think of installing the rustic wood shelves. These come with metallic brackets and easy installations. Plus they are inexpensive too.

  1. Add Under-Cabinet Lights:

 Adding under-cabinet lights has become a trend in kitchens. They are pretty inexpensive stuff and easily installable. They add to the kitchen’s ambiance and give your kitchen a nice display. You can DIY by getting a wireless LED lights powered by batteries. Mount these with adhesive tape or screws under your wooden kitchen cabinets.

  1. Replace Your Existing Kitchen Doors:

This might sound like a dull idea at first, but doors have the power to change the look and feel of any space. You can replace your kitchen doors with the array of options like the bi-fold doors,  sliding doors, pocket doors, or interior glass french doors.       

Some come with easy to install options and are pocket-friendly. You can also manage less floor space issues with these space-saving door options.

  1. Upgrade Accessories:

Upgrading your kitchen also includes upgrading your kitchen accessories. These accessories are your real assets and make your kitchen look good. Think of replacing your toaster with a black or stainless steel one. If that suits your plans and budget, go for it. If not, think of making a change by adding a new cutting board, storage shelves, or mounting a pot rack.


  1. Install a New Faucet:

Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest difference. The same goes for the sink faucets, they add value to the look. You can replace your old faucet with a new one and leverage the fresh look while washing your dishes. You can switch to the new one with the same specs as the old one for easiest installation.

  1. Swap Out Your Stools:

Do you own a kitchen island with bar stools? How about upgrading them? Buy new bar stools or reupholster your current ones. There is a spectrum of options available like the contemporary, modern, or vintage stool styles for your kitchen. You can buy the metal, aluminum, wooden or oak stool sets to recreate your kitchen space.

  1. Repaint Walls:

Repainting always works if you are thinking to update your space. It promises a fresh look to your space. Use bright citrus colors for your walls. Lime green, yellow, or orange can be some fresh options. These look great and can brighten up your kitchen space. You can color coordinate the kitchen accessories with your fresh coat of paint.

  1. Add a Backsplash:

This sure won’t create a hole in your pocket! Backsplashes come with limited square footage yet make a greater impact on the look of the kitchen. You can buy the easy to peel and stick ones without dealing with any grout.

If you are handy, you can buy real tile and grout and create a whole new look with your backsplash.  You can buy any style that matches your kitchen space like the subway tiles, copper or the hexagon ones.

  1. Hang a Pendant Light:

Do you find your kitchen light fixture outdated? If yes, think of finding a replacement. Go for the colorful pendant lights. This sure can transform your kitchen space. You can buy some inexpensive light fixtures that can make your kitchen bright and light.

  1. Pick Up Some Plants:

Plants can just make anything look great. Pick some fresh bunch of plants and pot them near your kitchen window or your kitchen table. Go for the hearty plants like spider plants, aloe vera, and the like. They bring a fresh aura and aroma to your kitchen just like your cooked food.

  1. Get a Pretty Organizer:

Who does not love to have an organized kitchen? Kitchen organizers are in the trend for decorating and updating the kitchen in an organized and stylish way.

Make your kitchen an elegant space with pretty organizers like plastic or metal racks, drawer sets, or trays.

  1. Buy Some Cute Canisters:

Are your kitchen canister sets and jars worn out? You can swap them with a newer set to decorate your countertops. Get some air-tight canisters for moist weather. Go with some cute fancy ones or the buy some with a piece of art(if you are really a fan of artwork!).

Make your kitchen a hearty place to cook with our amazing kitchen update ideas.


About The Author: Amira Johnson is an Interior Designer at Emerald Doors, who designs new residential and commercial spaces and revamps remodel projects too. She loves to write about Home Decor and Interior Design, using her domain experience. In her spare time, she loves trying new recipes in the kitchen. She is an avid bibliophile too.

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