Tips for an effective kitchen remodel

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The kitchen may not be the heart of your home, but it's still an important area. An outdated kitchen can be the cause of unnecessary stress. If you find yourself fighting with busted cabinets or struggling to find storage space for your groceries, it may be time for a kitchen remodel.

"Before you begin any work or hire any contractors, decide what you want from your new kitchen."

Before you begin any work or hire any contractors, you'll need to decide what you want from your new kitchen. Are you looking for added space, more storage or updated appliances? What kind of design theme will you be selecting? These are all questions to consider before beginning your remodel. Feel free to consult a kitchen expert to assist you with answering any questions that may arise during your planning process.

Select quality materials
A kitchen remodel is an investment in your home. By selecting durable and attractive materials that will remain beautiful and in style for years to come, you ensure that your investment isn't wasted. For countertops, you'll want a material that can withstand everyday use but is still beautiful. Many people choose quartz or granite. Cabinet material is also important. The cabinets bring the elements of a kitchen together, so choose a wood or synthetic material that will endure but will complement the room as a whole.

Stained or painted?
A medium color stain will hide a multitude of sins, in the form of fingerprints and dirt. Today's cabinets have durable finishes that are easy to clean with just a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid dish soap. You may love the look of white cabinets, which is very popular, but it is not as forgiving as wood. If you have an island, you may compromise and do the main part of the kitchen white and do the island in a darker wood stain that will camouflage shoe scuffs or other marks if you have seating at the island. You'll need to decide which option is better for your kitchen in the long run.

Smartly chosen and expertly installed cabinets can ensure congruity in your kitchen.
Smartly chosen and expertly installed cabinets can ensure congruity in your kitchen.

The goals are efficiency and compatibility
Your kitchen should have enough space, storage and style to allow you to complete the necessary day-to-day tasks. When preparing for a kitchen remodel, communicate what you want from the floor plan and storage space. For example, do you prefer an open layout or a more compact space? Will wall cabinets be enough or should you install a walk-in pantry? Additionally, you'll want to make sure that whatever design style you choose is congruent with the themes in the rest of your home. 

It doesn't matter if your culinary skills are on par with the world's greatest chefs or if you just use the microwave to get from meal to meal, the kitchen is an essential room in your house. Consider a kitchen remodel today to get the most from one of your home's most important areas. 

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