Tips For Getting Additional Space From Your Kitchen [Infographic]

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Cooking with more space: Tips for getting additional space from your kitchen

A small kitchen is a big challenge for any homeowner, but with a few simple guidelines, it’s easy to get more out of your cooking and living space. Here are some tips and tricks for making sure there’s enough area to prepare any dish you can think of.

The Triangle — Everything in its right place

The simplest way to ensure a small kitchen stays organized is to keep different tasks separated into three categories that form a triangle:

  • Cooking: The stove, oven, counter space for preparation
  • Cleaning: The sink, garbage, dishwasher and cleaning supplies
  • Storage: Cabinets, pantry and fridge

Kitchen workflow should be organized so each of these elements is consolidated into its own area. That way, home cooks aren’t bouncing around a small room, turning a tidy space into a big mess.

Small kitchen space: Tips for organization

  • Use walls and ceilings for storage. Think hanging pots and pans or coffee mug racks.
  • Choose seating that can slide under tables and countertops to create less clutter.
  • Get the most out of corner cabinets by installing Lazy Susans or pull-out drawers.
  • Keep counter space clear by putting paper towels and appliances away when not in use.
  • Use the insides of cabinet doors for more storage.

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