Kitchen designer Teressa Rose talks about what’s trending

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Kitchens are some of the most popular spaces to remodel or renovate in homes. People often want to update this space to get rid of an outdated color scheme or improve its function with modern appliances. 

It’s Alure Home Improvements kitchen designer Teressa Rose’s job to help her clients improve their kitchens in a way that optimizes and customizes the room while still taking advantage of some of the newest trends in kitchen design. In an interview, Rose discussed what’s trending in kitchen design and how clients can take advantage of it.

How has kitchen design changed recently? What’s popular now?
Over the years, the kitchen has evolved tremendously. Initially it was just a small space to prepare food. Today our entire lives revolve around our kitchens. It’s where we come together as a family, and is usually where everyone ends up when entertaining. The need to expand the kitchen has become increasingly popular because we require use of the space to cook, eat, work and run our household from.

Today, people want their kitchens to act as a meeting area and a cook space.
Today, people want their kitchens to act as a meeting area and a cook space.

Many of our kitchen renovations require enlarging the room or opening up the space. Sometimes that involves the removal of a wall or getting creative with the kitchen layout. Also, many of our clients are looking to add a television and computer in the kitchen because their lifestyle demands it. So we’re not only planning the so-called “work triangle,” we are designing the room according to the needs of the homeowner.

What are some of the specific trends you’re expecting in kitchen design for the next few months?
My prediction for this spring and summer is a lot of color. We’ve done as much as we could with white-painted and dark-stained cabinets in the past. And if the color isn’t used in cabinetry, you’ll find that using it on walls will make a great statement and accomplish a hot look with the right accents.

“My prediction for this spring and summer is a lot of color,” Rose explained.

Don’t be afraid to use color when decorating. Over the years, many of our clients tend to select materials (such as countertops and backsplashes) that match everything. What I have found is when they allowed themselves to trust us and our process, they were so happy with the results and it made such a difference rather than having an entire room just blending in one tone.

We are going to see a lot more color, like bold colors that contrast beautifully, especially in small kitchens. It’s a contemporary look, but it really makes a space look awesome and takes away from the size. You will see many color options available by cabinet manufacturers.

Other than in cabinets, how can people add color to their kitchen design?
Create a dynamic backsplash. There’s so much available when choosing glass mosaic tiles.

Another fun way to bring in a pop of color is selecting the right accent lights. Pendant lights come in so many varieties – this year you will notice a lot of bright-colored glass globes.

What are some of the other trends homeowners may be interested in?
Another contemporary trend is an industrial look. The easiest way to accomplish this look is by using stainless-steel appliances, industrial light fixtures, open shelves, and stone or brick on walls, or just as an accent wall.

You will notice many natural-looking materials like wood, marble and stone. The most cost-effective way to achieve this look is with porcelain tile. It’s affordable and easy to maintain. These products tend to show more texture as well. Porcelain wood plank tile really looks and feels like wood. You can see and feel the open grain contours in the tile. It’s amazing how real it presents.

“A good designer will save you a lot of time, money and worry,” Rose said.

How can a professional kitchen designer help someone take advantage of these trends? 
Designing a kitchen is an extremely large task. There are so many details that are involved in the design stage. It’s important to work with someone that you can trust and they can design based on your needs.

A good designer will save you a lot of time, money and worry. So where do you start after you’ve been trained so well by HGTV? If you don’t know what you like, then know what you don’t like. Find a designer that you can feel comfortable working with and have fun with it.

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