How to choose the best materials for your kitchen remodel

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The materials you use in your kitchen remodeling project can instantly change the look and feel of your dining space. New flooring and countertops can transform an outdated kitchen into one that's modern and much easier to use.

"Customers are looking for new looks with little maintenance so that they can have more time to enjoy their new kitchen and life in general," said Alure Home Improvements' Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Mary Lotardo.

With years of experience creating kitchen designs for homeowners looking for an improved space, Lotardo shared her advice for choosing the right details. Make the following considerations when selecting materials for your new kitchen.

"The first step is to determine which look you're going for."

Decide on a look
Before you even come close to narrowing down certain materials, it's important to determine which look you're going for. Research different kitchen design ideas until you're sure of which style you want for your new space. From there, you can find the details that best match up with your desired look.

"Simplistic cabinet door styles with minimal panels create that new sleek look in a stained or painted finish," said Lotardo. "Combined with a beautiful quartz and porcelain wood-look distressed plank flooring, it gives you that up-to-date modern and transitional kitchen style."

Choose the right flooring for your household
When choosing materials, it's important to not only consider the desired style of your kitchen, but also how the materials will fit in with your lifestyle. Look for materials that are in line with your budget, and make sure that they don't require more maintenance than you're able to perform. For example, hardwood flooring provides a rich, beautiful look for your kitchen, but if you have pets or small children who are prone to making messes, it might not be the best choice for your new kitchen. Instead, choose porcelain tile that is extremely durable and easy to clean. Flooring with a naturally imperfect look is another great option for those concerned with upkeep.

"Porcelain plank flooring in distressed designs are a beautiful way to renovate your current flooring with little to no maintenance," said Lotardo.

Choose a countertop that fits in with your household.
Choose a countertop that fits in with your household.

Consider which countertops are best
In addition to flooring, different types of countertops can fulfill the various needs of your household. Quartz, marble, wood and stainless steel are just some of the many types of counters you can install in your kitchen. While they vary in price, longevity and style, there's one type that many prefer.

"Some different materials that are used today are new and exciting quartz countertops, emulating cement, marble and granite," said Lotardo. "[It] is man-made and has little maintenance."

Quartz is both affordable and practical, and with its many different designs, it's sure to appeal to you and fulfill your design goals. Lotardo explained that choosing a specific pattern is often one of the most interesting parts of the kitchen remodeling process.

"Using up-to-date colors and materials in your new kitchen can be exhilarating, fresh and exciting to use every day," she said.

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