Timeless Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen RemodelingIf you are getting ready to invest in a full kitchen remodel, you might be concerned with designing the room in a way that ensures it isn’t going to go out of style in a year or two. There will always be ebbs and flows in industry trends, and it is difficult to predict what will be popular tomorrow, much less a decade from now. However, there are all sorts of timeless remodeling ideas that never seem to go out of style that are a great option if you’re a little uneasy about doing something bold and trendy to your kitchen.

Here are five easy tips to keep in mind for designing a classic kitchen:

  • Focus on practicality, When you put an emphasis on creating a kitchen that is functional, the room can never really go out of style. Pay close attention to the layout of the room and make sensible design choices, such as putting a food preparation area close to the sink and stove.
  • Consider an alternative to cabinets, Cabinets can become worn and fall out of style, but installing open shelves is a great way to highlight fun dishware and to personalize the kitchen.
  • Install a kitchen island, An island is a practical choice because you can use it a number of different ways. Perhaps you’ll set barstools around the island and enjoy there, or maybe you’ll prefer to use it for food preparation or to display a tabletop wine rack.
  • Pick the right colors, Certain colors and materials have been popular for generations, and for good reason. Granite countertops will never go out of style, nor will neutral base colors, such as blacks, grays, and browns. If you are concerned about your kitchen looking great for the years to come, steer clear of bold, trendy colors, designs, and patterns, and stick to the basics.
  • Plan ahead, One of the reasons that many people end up having to remodel their kitchen down the road is because they don’t have the foresight to plan ahead. You might not be planning on expanding your family or needing extra storage space, but it’s best to err on the side of caution. After all, no one has ever complained about having too many cabinets and drawers.

To learn more about classic kitchen remodeling ideas that won’t go out of style, turn to the professional space planners, Certified Kitchen Designers, and remodelers at Alure Home Improvements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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