Do You Need a Permit to Remodel a Kitchen?

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So, you’re planning a kitchen remodel at your Long Island home and have a pretty good idea of the materials and colors you want to incorporate, but there is one relevant matter you’re unclear about: Is a permit necessary? 

It’s an important question since many home renovation projects in New York do require permits, and obtaining one will prevent unnecessary problems, such as a hefty fine or a stop-work order. An unpermitted project may face another pitfall when you put your home on the market. A potential buyer who discovers that unpermitted work has been done might question not only the quality of the unpermitted project, but any other work that has been done in the home. Simply put, the discovery of unpermitted work may invite uncertainty.

Additionally, your home could drop in value. While a buyer may choose to ignore the unpermitted renovation, an appraiser may not. To protect the interests of the bank funding the buyer’s loan, the appraiser could depreciate the value of the project or even require that it be removed, or redone with a permit.  

An unpermitted renovation could also lead to lower quality workmanship since permitting, along with code inspections, are the means by which a municipality ensures that work is being performed by qualified professionals. Also, remodelers are more likely to complete a project in a professional manner when they know that a permit and inspection are required.

An unpermitted renovation might also violate your home insurance policy. For instance, if the project involved electrical work that resulted in a house fire, the damages may not be covered, leaving you with potentially life-altering expenses.

In New York, simple renovations such as painting, replacing fixtures, or installing shelves generally require no permits, but for major changes, you should check with your local building department. As a rule of thumb, any remodel that involves structural work, changing a house’s roofline, electrical work, natural gas, and plumbing will require a permit.  While it’s often difficult for homeowners to determine what types of renovations require a permit, you should know that evolving safety codes and a need for greater revenue can lead cities to shift more projects to the list of projects that require a permit.     

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