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Cooking needs the right tools. Buying the entire set of kitchen tools in day one, is not a smart choice at all, as some tools might just be for display, and you could just slowly build up an inventory of essential tools for your kitchen for you to be able to make your lifestyles  loads less complicated.

Having the most needed cooking equipment in your cabinet will make your lifestyles a lot less complicated. Despite the fact that the kitchen world comes out with trendy and exciting kitchen devices all the time, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything to be able to cook well. In fact, a few pieces of the most essential equipment for your kitchen are all you need to begin cooking great meals.

To help you recognize precisely what tools to start off with, here is an kitchen essential tools checklist for you.

With these items, you’ll be capable of cooking great meals and start kicking butt within the kitchen!


Frying Pan

This is the first kitchen tool you must have in your kitchen. Every household needs a frying pan or a non-stick frying pan for breakfast responsibility or if you are frying something. I preferred buying a non-stick frying pan since eggs and pancakes are great made on a non-stick surface, just be mindful to use non-abrasive tools on the surface.

Stock pot

This kitchen tool is great for cooking larger batches of soups, stews, and pasta, so you’ll need to have a 12-quart stock pot around. It is also great for heating, so your soups prepare evenly.


This kitchen tool is ideal for light cooking when you want to prepare dinner or something with liquids, including boiling vegetables or simmering sauces and beans. It is smaller than stock pot.



This kitchen tool is the most essential in a utensil, probably 90% of your meal preparation involves a knife, so purchase a quality one and take care of it. If you only have enough money and space for one knife, get a sharp chef’s knife. Just be mindful to keep it far away from your children.

Big Stainless Spoon

This kitchen tool is good for mixing your food, measuring condiments (if you don’t have a measure spoon or cups) or you can use it for tasting the food upon cooking so better get one of these, as it helps you a lot in cooking.


This kitchen tool is like your prolonged palms and it’s remarkably beneficial inside the kitchen! Now not only are they used to flip large portions of food, but they also assist in the flow of elements in a frying pan or on a sheet pan without the risk of burns.

Fish Turner

This kitchen tool is able to be used for lots of things. The broader base of this tool makes it basic to flip burgers, fish, over-easy eggs, and even pancakes. The skinny, beveled area makes it smooth to slip beneath the ingredients you’re flipping, and the slots allow the food to be ungreased.

Cutting Board

This kitchen tool will defend your fingers through all your prep work. Better get a plastic cutting board, to prep numerous ingredients and avert contamination. Plastic boards can be placed in the dishwasher for complete disinfecting.


This kitchen tool helps you for draining out boiled pasta and vegetables. It’s also used for draining canned beans and freshly washed veggies. Better get one because it is hard to divide pasta from boiled water so you need this tool.

Prep Bowls in Every Size

This kitchen tool helps you arrange all of your ingredients. In case you get collapsible prep bowls, you’ll save an abundance of space and it features the ease of covers that may seal off ingredients that are not quite equipped for cooking yet. However, glass prep bowls are great too and also can double as serving dishes!

Can Opener

This kitchen tool is something you don’t want to forget about! Canned beans and veggies make for fast-cooking and are tremendous pantry staples, but a bunch of things additionally comes in cans that require a can opener – coconut milk, curry paste, crushed tomatoes, and many others.


This kitchen tool is also essential for your kitchen such as opening things that are in a plastic pack. They are also great for cutting up celery.


With these simple kitchen tools, you may cook pretty much whatever you want without spending a fortune to fill your cupboards with home equipment you rarely use.


About The Author: Mikko de Leon is the oldest brother of his household since he’s the oldest, he usually does the household chores, such as fixing things, cleaning stuff, and cooking, he learns it from his mother and father, he also loves writing and sharing his thoughts and experience to help others.   
Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

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