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Whether you’re redesigning your beach house or simply redoing your home kitchen design, a coastal theme is a great Long Island option. Although coastal design features may look best in the middle of summer, the extra bit of ocean that you inject into your home can work year-round. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you and your custom kitchen designer figure out exactly how to make this beachfront space a reality.

Use blue, blue and more blue  
It may seem too obvious, but nothing gives your kitchen a more coastal feel than adding blue hues throughout. You want your kitchen to evoke the feeling of being on the water, whether you’re 5 feet or 5 miles away.

Focus on a cool design theme with light blue walls, backsplash, seating and even small appliances. Work with your designer to decide when to use light shades, where to add a contrasting navy and how you can complement it all with white, gray, beige and even green.

Use plenty of beachy elements in your coastal design.
Use plenty of beachy elements in your coastal design.

Incorporate natural elements 
The ocean is as natural as it gets. Complement your blue design base with subtle wood or wicker. Some people may prefer rougher, reclaimed furniture that evokes the look of driftwood on the beach, while others may want the neat and tidy new lumber that brings a boat’s hull to mind. Talk to your kitchen designer about how your cabinets, seating, kitchen table and accessories can play a part in this layout.

Think about your fixtures 
Coastal kitchens are cool, light, clean and functional. From the sink to the range, your features should match the rest of your design. Work with your designer to figure out which features will best reflect the airy, modern coastal vibe you’re looking for. Many people opt for stainless steel and brushed nickel for a clean, cool look.

“Coastal kitchens are cool, light, clean and functional.”

Let the light in 
From your windows and light fixtures to your countertops, light should play a significant role in your beachy theme. You wouldn’t go to the beach on a cloudy day, so make sure your coastal kitchen shines. If you have an oceanfront view, expand your windows to better display it. Otherwise, consider nontraditional window designs for additional light, along with unique lighting fixtures, open cabinet designs and reflective, cool countertops.

Seal the deal with accessories 
From homemade vases filled with local sand and rocks to photographs and plants, the accessories in your kitchen can help complete your coastal theme.

Once you decide you want a coastal kitchen or beach-inspired design, discuss the details with your kitchen designer to make the entire theme come together in a stylish and functional design.

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