Choosing the right material for your kitchen counters

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Countertops are an essential factor in a kitchen remodel. Not only do you have to choose a look you enjoy, but the material must also suit your needs. Take a look at some of the options you’ve got for your kitchen counters to see which material works best for you.

“Granite is a very popular material for kitchen countertops.”

Granite is a very popular material for kitchen countertops. It’s easily customizable, so it can be made to fit almost any design style. Granite countertops have matte or polished finish and come in a variety of colors. Granite is a natural product, mined from the earth and can vary greatly from one slab to another.  It is a good idea to view your slab before it is fabricated and not just choose from a small sample.  Granite is a porous, but durable material.  You will have to seal the granite every so often to reduce the possibility of staining.

This option has high style ratings and can add beauty to almost any kitchen design. However, marble is more porous than most other materials and can scratch more easily. If you are a rough and tumble cook, this may not be the best countertop material for you. Marble is more for kitchens that are used for entertaining rather than heavy duty cooking.

These granite countertops perfectly complement this kitchen remodel.
These quartz countertops perfectly complement this kitchen remodel.

As one of the hardest minerals on Earth, quartz makes a highly durable option for kitchen countertops. Granite gets its strength and durability because it is made up of 60 percent quartz, but the quartz products on the market today (some brands include Cambria and Silestone) are made of 93 percent quartz and 7 percent resins or polymer so that they never have to be sealed and are extremely durable.   It has been reported that the biggest complaint about quartz used to be that it lacked color variety, but that’s not the case anymore. Quartz is now available in a multitude of colors and patterns and is a favorite of homeowners since it is maintenance free.  They are also recommended for Kosher kitchens as they do not cross contaminate due to their non-porous properties.

Laminate countertops have become popular again, as they are not like your grandparents’ countertops anymore! They are also a very inexpensive option for kitchen remodels on a budget. Durable laminate countertops are an excellent option for homeowners who want total control over their design style. Laminate can be found in almost any color or pattern. Laminate can also be made to replicate the look of  almost any other material, such as wood or stone.

Quartzite is also a natural stone that has more of the look of marble patterns but is much more durable.  It is even more durable than Granite.  Quartzite in its natural form is actual white but imperfections are what give it its amazingly beautiful patterns and colors.  But beware, its extraordinary beauty and strength come with an extraordinary price tag.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, make sure you understand which countertop would work best for your needs and space.

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