2022 Kitchen Trends to Look Forward To

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2022 will be here sooner than you think, and we already have the scoop on what trends will be the most popular in the field of interior design. More precisely, the kitchen trends of 2022 have already arrived, and we couldn’t be more delighted to tell you all about it. From minimalism to a two-toned interior, there’s going to be plenty of innovation and throwbacks. If you’re planning to give your kitchen some TLC, this is the perfect starting point.

Minimalism is back

Blending functionality with minimalistic style is all kitchen will be about in 2022. What we mean by that is mixing clean lines, cabinets with no handles and clean colors. Removing unnecessary details such as cabinet handles leaves enough room to create a visually impeccable space in your kitchen. Hidden drawers will be another useful feature as they will not disturb the smooth lines of the design. Achieving visually appealing aesthetics in the kitchen by integrating appliances into the cabinets is another characteristic of minimalism. Why show off your refrigerator when you can have it built into your cabinetry and make it fit in seamlessly into the rest of the design. The same goes for microwaves and dishwashers. By switching to push-to-open mechanisms, you can give kitchen interiors a clean, contemporary look that you’ve always strived towards.

Introducing two-toned kitchens

Moving on to color trends, 2022 will be marked by kitchens featuring two colors. Forget about the monotonous top and bottom cabinets in the same color, but welcome beige tops and emerald green bottoms, for instance. Calm and neutral tones will prevail in the year ahead of us, so you can expect to see plenty of sage green, duck-egg blue, light blue, shades of grey and soft pinks. Persimmon red and ochre follow like the popular hues of 2022 alongside white and black as timeless elegance. Darker hues combined with lighter shades will add character to the kitchen design and change the perception of the room entirely.

Erasing the boundaries between rooms

Open floor plan design makes the boundaries between rooms disappear. In 2022, the kitchen will seamlessly blend in with your living room, thanks to the newest trend. Namely, the kitchen design of the future will merge modern kitchens with living rooms, and upgrade kitchen furniture to go well with the rest of the look. So, look up your favorite bentwood chairs for sale and consider having them behind a table that will be integrated into a raised bar, to create the illusion of dividing the space without building a full wall.

Timber features

Just like nature-inspired colors will be a huge hit in 2022, so will timber details. By incorporating timber into your kitchen, you’ll add depth and interest to the interior. The kitchen space will instantly feel warmer and have a more organic vibe. Whether you opt for recycled timber benchtops or timber look cupboard doors, there’s an array of ways to make timber an essential part of your kitchen design. You can choose limewash, grey wash or Nordic oak and even rich mahogany or walnut – the options are endless.

Compact designs

Using every inch of your kitchen space will help you make it more efficient. Have you considered adding a kitchen island? Do you have enough room for a breakfast bar? Some kitchens are too small, so you’ll need to make them compact and oversized. That way, the interior detail won’t restrict movement around the kitchen. Consider having an open or mobile island to retain access to all areas. On top of that, you’ll get more seating options. Use the space underneath the island’s countertop to store boxes and kitchen utensils.


Kitchen trends will be truly amazing in 2022. If you’re planning to upscale our interior slightly in the year ahead, be sure to consider some of the aforementioned trends. Make your kitchen radiate minimalism and modern design by integrating some of the hottest trends into it. Don’t forget to keep sustainability in mind and take care of the planet while creating your dream kitchen for the entire family to enjoy.

About The Author: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home décor and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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