Design Tips for a Better Kitchen

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“The kitchen is the heart of the home.” You’ve heard that so many times that it’s beginning to sound like a tired cliché. But now that you’re planning to redesign your outdated kitchen, it’s clearer than ever that it’s the center of your household’s daily routine, and the myriad design decisions facing you have taken on new importance. In short, your redesign plan boils down to this: You need a revamped living space that’s both highly functional and visually appealing. Rest assured, that vision is obtainable, and many homeowners have achieved it by adhering to simple guidelines.

Make your kitchen easier to use

Put function first. Think about how you move around in your kitchen and where you use items. You can eliminate wasted steps by storing breakfast foods and bowls near the breakfast table (or breakfast counter) and keeping wraps and plastic containers in a handy location near a work surface.

Improve your storage

Surprisingly, this is one of the most neglected steps in kitchen redesign. To maximize storage, use every available nook and cranny. For instance, if you’re buying new overhead cabinets, think about getting larger and taller units that can be installed right up to the ceiling. Or, you can use the tops of your new cabinets to stash extra pantry supplies or special-occasion serving platters. Also, consider deep drawers for better storage and easier access to bulky pots, pans, and infrequently used appliances that tend to clutter countertops.

Expand your countertop space

Whether you cook often or only seldom, there’s no such thing as too much counter space. If you’re buying new counters, choose a surface that’s easy to work on and maintain. As a general rule, focus on materials that fit your lifestyle. Granite is a popular choice because of its durability – it resists cracks and chips – but also because of its rich appearance. Plus, it’s available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes.

Add a kitchen island

A kitchen island can be an ideal solution for space challenges, providing more counter space and extra storage under the counter. Not only that, as a kitchen centerpiece, it’s a great place for guests to congregate and can serve as an informal dining area for kids. Simply put, islands are versatile.

Need professional advice?

The experienced kitchen designers at Alure Home Improvements will gladly help you with your kitchen redesign project. From choosing cabinets and countertops to selecting island materials and colors for a sense of spaciousness, we can offer recommendations that result in kitchens that boast distinctive style and practical functionality. Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation.

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