The style guide to sinks

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The sink is one design feature that is often overlooked. Sinks are standard in kitchens and bathrooms, so why spend time and energy focusing on that part of the process? What most people don’t understand is that there are a variety of sink design options available and each one has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the homeowner’s specific needs. If you’re considering a kitchen redesign or a bathroom remodel, educate yourself on the different sink options so that you will choose the right one for your situation.

“Pedestal sinks are great for smaller bathrooms.”

Pedestal sink
This sink option is one of the most common for bathroom designs. The simple leg and basin style can be customized in color and style. Smaller bathrooms without much space to spare would benefit from pedestal sinks. The slim bottom of pedestal sinks helps create a more open, airy feel in bathrooms. However, these style of sinks don’t allow for counter space, so if you have many beauty products or decorations you’re hoping to place on the counter, a pedestal sink may not be your best option.

Farm sink
Farm sinks, sometimes called farmhouse sinks, are easily recognized by their deep square basins and the open apron front. While they are typically found in kitchens, farm sinks are becoming an increasingly popular style in bathrooms. Because it is lower and more easily accessible, this is an advantageous sink option for homeowners who are shorter or have trouble reaching. However, homeowners with back problems that prevent them from bending may want to select a different style. Farm sinks have plenty of space and can easily accommodate homeowners who do a lot of entertaining or cooking.

Undermount sink
For a more sophisticated look in your kitchen, undermount sinks are the way to go. In this style, the lip of the sink is concealed under the countertop. Undermount sinks make for easy cleanup in the kitchen as food scraps and crumbs can be swept directly into the sink without getting caught on the ridge. With the undermount sink, homeowners can also save about half an inch of counter space.

This undermount sink makes a stylish addition to this bathroom remodel.
This undermount sink makes a stylish addition to this bathroom remodel.

Double sink
Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, double sinks have their pros and cons. Obviously a double sink provides you with more space to complete your activities. In the bathroom, double sinks are great for couples who have similar schedules. This sink style will allow you both to complete your morning routine without having to dance around each other. In the kitchen, double sinks allow for separation. One side could be used for cooking while the other side can hold dirty dishes. A common misconception with double sinks is that they provide more space. In reality, double sinks take up more space and you generally get two shallower sinks.

Vessel bowl sink
Probably one of the most stylish sink designs, vessel bowls have a number of other advantages. This sink option is generally more ergonomic than the other designs and can be customized to suit many different design themes. Vessel bowls are almost like a work of art in your bathroom. Be aware that this sink design can take up more counter space than the other options.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it’s important that you understand what role the sink will play in your room. Do you need a deep basin or are you looking for a design that will make life a little easier? Each design has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you take the time to explore your options, you will be more likely to end up with a sink you love.

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