3 bathroom remodeling projects that make a huge difference

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There are many reasons why you may be considering a bathroom remodel. A complete renovation is a worthwhile investment if you have an outdated bathroom or if you are no longer satisfied with the layout of the area. For example, if you feel like the room design doesn’t provide you with enough space or storage, it can make the bathroom seem cramped, messy and uncomfortable.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and it is often a place guests visit when they come over. This is why it is important you make sure this part of the home is one you are entirely pleased with. A bathroom remodel can increase both the functional and aesthetic appeal of the area, and give you greater peace of mind. 

There are a handful of projects that can have a tremendous influence over the entire atmosphere and make the bathroom feel like a completely different room than it was before. In fact, earlier this month, Trulia listed bathroom upgrades as one of the best home improvement projects for homeowners to undertake. Below are some of the bathroom remodeling services that offer the most transformative value:

New sink or vanity installations
Upgrading the vanity will not only help improve the visual appearance and design of the bathroom, but it can also help you create a more efficient and functional space. When you are replacing a vanity, you can choose a new sink as well. Regardless of the type of style you are going for, there is a sink fixture that can help you achieve your goal. If this is something you are considering, take into account the various options available to you.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance sink to install in a bathroom that is constantly being used, an under mount product might be the way to go. This sink hangs from the bottom of the countertop. For a more elegant and contemporary look, there is vessel, which is the installation that resembles a bowl on top of the counter. This is a great choice if you need more counter space. Then again, if your main objective is to make your bathroom appear more spacious, a pedestal sink might serve you best – this is the kind that is mounted to the wall and are supported by one leg. Keep in mind, though, that this option limits counter​ space as well as under-sink storage.

Updating the bathroom vanity and sink can make the room more convenient.
Updating the bathroom vanity and sink can make the room more convenient.

“Even minor bathroom appliance upgrades can make a tremendous difference.”

Appliance and fixture updates
Although they are great bathroom renovations to make, you don’t need to replace your entire sink or vanity to give the area a much-needed update. You can also upgrade the smaller appliances and fixtures, including the faucets, shower​ head and lighting. If you have bathroom that doesn’t have any windows or limited access to sunlight, you might find that changing the amount or type of light fixtures can significantly alter the overall look of the room. Similarly, replacing the faucets and shower​ heads can immediately make it more contemporary or modern.

According to Kitchen and Bathroom Design Manager Gina Bonura, “Be aware that when doing any type of partial work, it is wise to have a game plan in the event any existing tiles break or any surprises come up which may cause additional work. Be sure you know what a full remodel would cost before undertaking part of the work. You may be pleasantly surprised that it is not that much more to do the whole bathroom over exactly the way you want it.” 

Having outdated tiles in your bathroom, whether in the shower, on the walls or on the floor, can dramatically affect the appearance of the room. Retiling your bathroom allows you to upgrade to a design that looks cleaner and is easier to maintain. There are four main tile materials to choose from: ceramic, marble, porcelain and glass. Keep in mind that there are different factors to take into consideration between the choices. For example, while marble is a beautiful option, it generally requires a higher level of maintenance than, say, ceramic. 

Regardless of which renovation project(s) you decide to go with, your satisfaction with the end product is going to depend in large part on the bathroom remodeling contractor you hire to complete the work. Make sure that you choose an experienced and certified professional that can execute the job with the highest level of quality, efficiency and skill possible.

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