5 steps to design the perfect “his and hers” style bathroom

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One of the hardest parts of living with a spouse is sharing the bathroom. If you and your partner have similar schedules and you both typically need the room at the same time, things can become especially frustrating. A “his and hers” style bathroom renovation may be the perfect solution for keeping the peace. It could ensure a more streamlined morning routine that allows you both to be in the room at the same time without experiencing any obstacles. Teressa Rose, a custom kitchen and bathroom designer at Alure Home Improvements, explains exactly what’s needed to create a functional, beautiful bathroom for two busy people.

1. Design within your budget
Depending on your wants and needs, this style of bathroom can range in price, and can be expensive. After all, a his and hers bathroom is essentially creating two bathrooms in one space. It often requires the homeowner to purchase double the materials, like sinks, shower heads, vanities and more. For additional customization, homeowners might even consider installing a bath that stands separate from the shower.

“Anything can be done,” said Rose, “but there is a cost that comes with the bells and whistles.” 

2. Consider the size of the room
Just as you need to design within your budget, it’s also important to design within your space. While a stand-alone tub and a separate room for dressing may be ideal, it’s not necessarily possible unless you want to expand into the other rooms in your home. According to Rose, a little can go a long way, explaining that “even just a 1 or 2 foot expansion will have a significant impact on the room’s layout.”

For those who would rather work with what they have, she recommends installing a shower that’s at least 48 inches wide with a built-in bench. It’s also a good idea to keep the toilet close to a corner to naturally provide some privacy without any extra construction. And, most of all, don’t overload your bathroom. 

“You don’t want to cram a five-piece bathroom into a 5 x 6 space because it just won’t fit,” explained Rose.

3. Be aware of the appropriate maintenance
The project isn’t necessarily done when the installation is complete. Creating your dream bathroom also requires regular upkeep, especially if you choose certain materials or fixtures that are higher maintenance than others.

“Granite and quartz are great products for countertops because they are very durable and generally require less maintenance than other products on the market – quartz doesn’t even require a sealant,” said Rose. “Another great product is the under-mount porcelain sinks because they are easy to clean and offer a variety of styles and shapes.”

Other materials, like marble and slate, are expensive and require more maintenance. Keep all of this in mind when making a decision on what to include in your bathroom remodel

4. Explain your needs to the designer
When it comes time to meet with a designer, it’s important to discuss your needs in as much detail as possible. Doing so will help give him or her the information necessary for bathroom contractors to create a beautiful space that accommodates your morning and nighttime routines perfectly. 

“One of the best advantages of having a his and hers bathroom is having a designer plan it according to your personal needs and space,” said Rose. “In my experience, I have found that there is usually one obsessively neat and organized person, and one person that requires more space and room when getting ready than the other, and whose stuff sometimes manages to take over the entire space. Many of my his and hers renovations have saved relationships!” said Rose.

Work with your designer to create a functional room by explaining your current frustrations, where each of you spends most of your time in the bathroom and how you’d like to see your new room improved. 

5. Spend time nailing the other details
This kind of renovation is a big project and should be treated as such. It takes time to create the perfect room, so don’t skip seemingly minor details for the sake of getting it done.

“More often than not, these renovations are requested by homeowners whose children are grown and out of the house and they are designing their home for their own needs and enjoyment,” said Rose. “These couples aren’t just looking for new tile and a new toilet, but instead, they want peace and tranquility when they step into their master bath.”

Be sure to look at all of your options for lighting, ventilation, towel bars and more. There are many different solutions available that can provide you with the exact look and feel you’re searching for.

“As you near completion, the fine details of the bathroom can make all the difference in the world,” added Rose.  

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