10 Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

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Do you miss the days when you could walk into any spa of your choice after an extremely stressful week to relax and de-stress? Is the stress of taking care of kids and working from home getting to you?

Well, there is great news.

You do not necessarily have to visit a spa to get the rest and pampering you deserve. You can create that spa environment right in your own bathroom at home. We have put together 10 tips that will transform your bathroom into a space for relaxation and comfort.

1.  Clear the Clutter

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered because we tend to keep all our bathroom products in there and multiple people usually share the one space. As time goes on, we forget to thoroughly clean our bathrooms or simply ignore them because it becomes such a daunting task. 

Just seeing how cluttered your bathroom is enough to cause stress. Interestingly, tidying up is one of the quickest ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa. You can start by throwing away expired bottles of product and near-empty containers. 

If you think you may use the containers for future DIY projects or for storing products, keep them tucked away in bins in your storage area. Don’t forget to clean the stains left by the wet bottles frequently. Hide as many items as you can, to create a clean and streamlined space.

2.  Get Artistic 

It is not news that art has therapeutic abilities. Keep in mind that whatever artwork you use should fit into the design of your bathroom.

Including a gallery wall in your bathroom will not only give it a sophisticated look, but will also make your bathroom more complete and welcoming. It can be a large print or a collection of small prints.

A customized shower curtain is another amazing idea. Do you remember how you felt the last time you took a walk in the woods or on a beach alone? You can bring that same atmosphere into your bathroom with a customized picture of your favorite nature scene. Take a look at how you can customize your shower curtains and bath décor at Visionbedding.com.

3.  Get Creative with Storage

After decluttering your bathroom, it is important to keep it clean. One of the ways you can do this is by using storage appropriately. Picture the last spa you went to. Do you remember how everything was carefully arranged? Now try and do the same in your bathroom. For storing cotton balls, cue tips, and sponges, you can use glass jars.

Place wicker baskets on counters to provide extra storage for hand towels. If you have a large space, consider adding storage ladders to allow you to store items at different levels and also add to the design of your bathroom.

4.  Add Lighting and Music

One of the best ways to create that spa atmosphere is to include lighting and music that sets the mood for your spa experience. Why do we go to the spa? We want a relaxing environment where we can just cool off and destress.

You can create this same effect with good music and lighting. Dim lights are ideal for creating that atmosphere, or you can install a dimmer switch. If you do not want to add new electrical elements, simply add a few candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Next, create a playlist with soothing and relaxing tunes or tune to the spa channel on your favorite music streaming service. If you have a waterproof speaker, you should use it.

5.  Paint Your Bathroom in Earth Tones

Your bathroom can feel cold and dull sometimes if it’s painted white. To create a more authentic spa experience, borrow inspiration from natural colors such as brown, grey and green.

This will give your bathroom that organic feel that will create a soothing effect after a long and stressful day. Painting an entire bathroom is a lot of work, however, it is a great weekend project.

In choosing paints for your bathroom, make sure you invest in a special bathroom or high gloss paint. Remember to scrub your walls before starting. Dried soap suds on your walls can prevent the paint from setting.

6.  Use Calming Scents

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a spa is that sweet and soothing aroma that immediately relaxes you. Use calming scents to recreate the aromatherapy scents found in most spas.

With the aid of scented soaps, fragrant lotions, and essential oil diffusers, you can transform your bathroom into a relaxation center. If you are allergic to strong scents, make sure you get products that give off a mild aroma.

7.  Add Plants

Plants are an amazing way of creating a balance between the outdoors and indoors. Apart from the fact that they give your bathroom that earthy feeling, they also help diffuse the air.

As much as possible, get plants that thrive in humid environments. Plants such as orchids, bamboo, and Aloe Vera are ideal. Use plants that thrive in dark conditions if you have low levels of lights in your bathroom.

Plants such as African violets and Chinese evergreens will also work perfectly. Display potted plants on counters or on the floor and hang plants from the ceiling to create a lush indoor oasis.

8. Keep Your Floors Cozy

Ideally, rugs are for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, but did you know that designers use them to add a sense of sophisticated luxury to bathroom design? They also add a splash of color to your otherwise dull floors.

When choosing a rug for your bathroom, you should consider the position, material, size, and color theme. Try using a Kilim rug instead of a traditional bathroom mat for an extra dose of comfort.

9. Elevate Your Bath Experience

When you go for a soak in your tub, it should be for at least 15 minutes. For proper relaxation, be sure to keep the water in your bathtub warm by starting your bath slightly hotter than you prefer. Allow it to cool slightly before stepping in.

Also, remember to keep the doors to the bathroom closed when you are filling the tub. This will allow steam to build up, giving you the ultimate spa experience.

Finally, add essential oils, soothing bath salts and scented floral elements to your bath for a touch of luxury to your daily soak.

10. Use Tub Trays

It can be very frustrating when you have to get out of the tub to grab something you need just as you were beginning to relax. A tub tray allows you to keep all the things you will need within reach.

Tub trays lay across your bathtub. You can either pull them towards you or push them away from you to suit your needs. You can have access to your book, a glass of wine, or your music playlist by just reaching for it.

You can even make your own tub tray if you have some time on your hands and some basic skills. There are several tutorials on YouTube.


That spa experience you have always dreamed of is within your reach. You can transform your bathroom into a soothing space that caters to all your relaxation needs. These tips will help you have a relaxing spa experience, without having to leave the house!

About The Author: Written By Clayton R.


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