How Fresh Paint Can Make Your Bathroom Shine

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Whether it’s to take a bubble bath or hot shower, your bathroom should be a place to relax and help release daily stress. However, when your bathroom starts to lose its luster, it no longer offers you the stress-relieving, therapeutic atmosphere you once experienced. Because our bathrooms are so vital in preparing us for the day or helping us unwind, we should keep them looking fresh and updated as our tastes change. How many times have you remodeled your living and family rooms since you last updated your bathroom? Luckily, we can take back the bathroom and create our own oasis without spending thousands on a complete remodel. You may not believe it, but a fresh coat of paint can breathe life into your bathroom. Painting a bathroom to make it look new, while keeping it elegant, can be a challenge depending on the options available to you. So, let’s discuss how to use different types of paint to bring tranquility to your bathroom.

Go Glossy

After you hop out of the shower and there’s steam on the mirror, have you ever noticed water beading up on the walls? This condensation requires us to use a glossy paint in the bathroom because it acts as a sealant for your walls to prevent moisture from building up. Matte paints absorb bathroom condensation, which could result in your walls growing mold and mildew. Aside from the health reasons, glossy paint will reflect more light in your bathroom, giving you the illusion of being in a larger space. Much like adding a mirror or additional lighting to a bathroom, the glossier paint can visually increase the size of your room. Most average household bathrooms use a standard semi-gloss paint, but when you choose your color and shade, think about how much condensation builds up in your bathroom.

LeykumDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark

When you have a white toilet, sink and bathtub, a dark paint color can create a brilliant contrast that is still soothing. Darker paint colors are far too underused, largely because homeowners are concerned about how small the space will appear once painted. However, in a larger bathroom with good natural and artificial lighting, a dark paint can work spectacularly. If you’re concerned with your bathroom experiencing the “shrinking” effect, installing white or off-white décor, such as cabinets and shelving, can give your room an added sense of depth. Another route to go is to choose opaque colors that clash with your tiling, flooring, or wooden vanities. Before you choose your favorite dark shade, make sure your pre-existing colors and mesh well with the new shade.

Creating Accents

One of the easiest ways you can reinvent your bathroom space is to paint one wall a vivid contrast color. The effect that it has can give your entire bathroom a facelift and it draws the eye to the bathroom’s best features. However, painting an entire wall an accent color can look out of place in smaller bathrooms. Instead, consider using a fun glitter paint to do an accent design on one wall, or even as an accent color on your bathroom cabinets or vanity. Both will provide a dimension to your space that it currently lacks, and is a great way of adding a personal touch to your bathroom. If a fresh coat of paint is all that’s stopping you from achieving total relaxation, what are you waiting for? Go to your local paint and hardware store today and make that bathroom shine. Rachael Jones is a blogger for DIYMother, where women aren’t afraid to use power tools in a dress.

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