What stylish bathroom storage option is best for your redesign?

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One of the biggest reasons for renovating and remodeling homes is the need for more space and storage. Whether your family has grown since you first moved into your house or you’re just tired of trying to find a place for everything in your cramped bathroom, a remodeling project may be the answer to your growing needs.

Many bathroom design ideas tie in storage options in stylish and functional ways so you’ll still have the elegant and relaxing bathroom you want without worrying about where to keep everything. Alure Home Improvements’ customer bathroom designer Blythe Tract recently outlined some of the most popular ways to add or install storage options into a bathroom without taking away from its great design.

Recessed closet
Tract pointed to recessed closets or linen towers as some of the most functional and out-of-the-way storage options for any bathroom. By taking up some or all of an adjacent room’s closet or other space, custom bathroom designers can build a large, 90-inch cabinet option to fit everything from hand towels to tissues without taking from the bathroom’s square footage.

Tract explained that this large cabinet is a great one-stop storage option that can be outfitted with pull-out drawers that are perfect for small toiletries and cosmetics. The adjustable shelves on the top work well for towels, bedding or items of any height. Also, you can opt for a reduced depth 12-inch cabinet rather than a standard 18″ or 21″ to give yourself some storage space in the room on the other side of the wall.

Medicine cabinet
Medicine cabinets are a classic bathroom storage option, but Tract advised homeowners to shake their old notions of what a medicine cabinet looks like before deciding against installing one.

“Medicine cabinets don’t have to look like the old-fashioned basic medicine cabinets. There are beautiful custom frame options where the medicine cabinet is framed with a real frame like a painting,” Tract explained in an interview. “It’s like artwork of the wall. Not only does it give you storage, but it’s like the jewelry of the bathroom.”

Made of hand-carved wood or etched metal, modern medicine cabinets can be tied to the colors or themes of your bathroom for a seamless and stylish storage unit.

Vanities are a popular spot to store extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies and soap. But with a few after market modifications, Tract explained that it’s easy to add more useful storage to this bathroom staple. Many smaller bathrooms only have 24-inch vanities, so maximizing space by adding trays or pullouts made for below sink storage is popular with some of Tract’s clients. Larger bathrooms may opt for a 60-inch vanity with more storage already. Fashionable storage towers or shelves can also be added atop the vanity’s counter in the middle or on either end.

Other options 
Although these are some of the largest and most popular bathroom storage choices, they’re far from the only ones being done in bathroom remodeling projects. Floating shelves or cabinets above the toilet can be tied in with other themes to look great and hold rolled-up towels. Niches are another option, giving bathrooms lips and ledges for decorative displays or a little extra room.

Working with a custom design expert is a smart way to get the storage you need in a bathroom renovation project without sacrificing any of the style or design you desire.

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