5 renovations that can make an ordinary bathroom luxurious

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When you think of the bathroom, the first word that comes to mind probably isn’t luxurious. Yet, the bathroom is where you spend a significant part of your time at home. Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or winding down for the night, your bathroom should be a place that you find comforting. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel for your home, take a look at the five suggestions below to see how you can make your bathroom space feel luxurious.

“Dimmer switches make sure you have the atmosphere you want.”

1. Install lighting controls
Lighting plays a large role in the bathroom. Good lighting is necessary to help you through your daily routines, but you may not want all that bright light while you’re relaxing in the tub. Instead of having a standard lighting feature put in, install a dimmer switch. This will allow you to control the lighting so that it’s always just the way you want it. For immediate luxury factor, add sconces or a ceiling fixture that has a little bling or if more modern, something a little edgy.

2. Customize your tub
Nowhere is it written that you must install a standard white bathtub. In fact, most people are opting for more customized bathtubs when they do a bathroom remodel. By customizing your bathtub, where space allows, you can choose the size, shape and material used, giving you the bathtub of your dreams. Bathtub customization is also great for elderly folks who would benefit from more easily accessible washing areas.

3. Invest in a performance shower
It may not seem like a shower head has much to do with the luxury of your bathroom, however, a really nice model can make all the difference. Many options now include a massaging feature, detachable head and rotating water flow, making your shower time almost like a trip to the spa.

4. Select beautiful materials
The materials you choose to decorate any area of your home have a major affect on that space’s atmosphere. Invest in materials that amplify the room’s beauty and will last for many years. Keep an open mind when you are shopping. You may be set on a particular look, but you might fall in love with something else you never considered if you weigh all the options.Look at the photo below to see how carefully selected materials can transform an ordinary space into an interior design masterpiece.

The materials used in this bathroom remodel really set this space apart.
The materials used in this bathroom remodel really set this space apart.

5. Pay attention to the little details
A bathroom renovation means much planning and even more questions. It’s easy to overlook smaller details when you’re trying to envision the whole picture, but try not to leave the little things out. For example, some people may neglect to think about spacing when planning their bathroom remodel. Forgetting something so small yet so important could leave you reaching across the room for the toilet paper roll or slipping and sliding as you stretch for a towel.

Getting to remodel your bathroom is an exciting experience. You’re able to make the room into what you’ve always wanted it to be. This is especially exciting if your bathroom is less than luxurious in its current state. By following the advice above, you could turn your ordinary bathroom into a sweet escape.

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