Follow the hottest trends in shower design for your custom master bathroom renovation

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When it comes to showering, it’s not just about getting clean and shampooing your hair. People spend so much time in their showers that when it’s time for them to renovate the master bathroom, the main considerations are about comfort and experience. After all, every new shower will get you clean, but not every one will make you feel happy and comfortable first thing in the morning.

Alure’s custom kitchen and bath designer Ken Gold explained that bathroom renovation designs have changed over the years, especially in the master bathroom.

“The times, trends and needs of the people have changed and they prefer larger showers as opposed to ornate whirlpools or corner tubs,” according to Gold. “The time [spent in] and the experience of the shower are more important now than the tub or whirlpool experience.”

People haven’t completely abandoned the idea of tubs, though. They remain important to have in the home, especially for families with young children, but when it comes to master bathroom renovations, custom, large showers now reign supreme. But it isn’t just a large footprint that’s making these showers so popular. It’s the way that designers like Gold can make them unique to your home.

Popular trends in shower design 
“‹One of the most popular additions to the basic shower are seats. General contractors can build the seat right into the wall of the shower, Gold said. It adds comfort and a place to relax without taking away from the beauty of the design.

Another major feature that many people are installing in their showers is a unique shower spray experience. This varies from body spray functions to waterfalls and even the installation of steam generators for that “totally relaxing spa experience” that many homeowners are looking for, Gold explained. It turns the shower into a steam room – perfect if you have a seat. You can also install preferences to showers so that you have preset temperatures, flow volumes and spray experiences for each shower user.

Other popular shower elements include mood lighting and equipment to stream music through Bluetooth technology in your shower head.

It’s not just about the toys and technology of showers nowadays, however. It’s about making everything completely customized.

“You don’t just have to have a rectangle or an angled shower now – you can create any size you want,” Gold advised. Although it’s possible to add a custom shower in an existing bathroom, many people expand the master bathroom into a closet or unused room during a renovation for additional space.

Not only can the shower be any size or shape that you want, but the custom shower trend carries over into design as well. Glass and porcelain are popular, but general contractors and design teams can work with you to get nearly any materials you want – although some are better for the job than others.

“If the shower is used a lot, try to stay away from natural marbles. They’re very porous and they can stain with some different shower products used,” Gold warned.

Consider incorporating some of these unique elements into your custom shower design, but remember – it’s customized, so it can be anything you want it to be.

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