5 tips for sticking to your budget during a bathroom renovation

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A new bathroom can help improve functionality and increase the value of your home. It can also just make you more excited to start your day. However, this kind of renovation can get quite expensive depending on which changes or new installations you’re looking to include.

“Including all of the bells and whistles will quickly increase the cost of your project,” said Ron Marder, kitchen and bathroom designer at Alure Home Improvements.

Marder shared some insight to help you decide which of those additions are unnecessary and which are vital to your bathroom remodel. Here’s how to best stick to your budget during a bathroom renovation.

“Excessive tile can cause some homeowners to go over budget.”

1. Opt for paint over tile
Wet rooms, in which the bathroom walls and flooring are covered in tile, are becoming a popular bathroom remodel. However, the excessive tile can cause some homeowners to go over budget. Marder recommended opting for paint over tile wherever it’s possible. Since many people choose wall tiles for aesthetic purposes, try an eye-catching paint pattern instead to cut back on cost without sacrificing the look of your new bathroom. Either paint one wall a different color completely, or add stripes or another bold pattern to a small section of the room to give it the same fun look of tile.

2. Choose finishes wisely
There are a number of beautiful finishes to use for the faucets and temperature knobs in your new bathroom. Brass, stainless steel and bronze are all beautiful choices, but they’re also quite expensive. Brushed nickel and chrome are inexpensive alternatives that can produce a modern look that allows you to stay within your budget.

3. Stick to your current footprint
The cost of a project can spike dramatically when enlarging the space. Keep all of the renovations within your current framework for the least expensive remodel. There are many different changes you can make to your bathroom for a totally new look that doesn’t require expanding it. For starters, replace outdated sinks, cabinets and tubs. You can also switch the floor tiling to something more practical and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Don’t move the plumbing
Like expansion projects, changing the location of plumbing can also severely increase the cost of your renovation. Rather than change the placement of the toilet or tub, make direct replacements, advised Marder.

“Moving the plumbing even an inch can be expensive,” he said. “Whether you’re moving it over an inch or 5 feet away, it will have the same price increase.”

Swap out a shower stall with a tub and replace your existing sink vanity for a totally revamped look without the expense of rearranging the plumbing.

Opt for a shower curtain instead of a glass door to save money.
Opt for a shower curtain instead of a glass door to save money.

5. Limit the amount of glass you install
While it can give the room a sleek, uniform design, those who are especially budget-conscious should refrain from using too much glass in their bathroom remodel.

“Glass doors and borders can cost you a lot of money,” said Marder.

Use a shower curtain in place of a sliding glass door for a less expensive alternative. Choose a clear curtain to mimic the look of a shower door for a fraction of the price.

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