What are the best colors for your new bathroom?

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When it’s time for a new bathroom, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom to a high-quality master bath or you’re renovating and updating the family bathroom after putting it off for years, you have to think about everything you want, from the shower design to the style of your sink.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make isn’t related at all to fixtures or construction, however: the color you paint your bathroom. The color you choose will impact your bathroom’s design as well as your experience in it. Certain colors are better suited for different spaces, while others may mesh better with the atmosphere and design you hope to create.

Your bathroom design expert can help you navigate all of these difficult choices, including color, to ensure that you end up with the exact bathroom you want. Check out these great bathroom color options beforehand though so you can start picturing the dream bathroom you and your designer can make a reality.

Find the right color for your bathroom.

Find the right color for your bathroom.

Whether you want yellow as your primary wall color or a strong complement to white walls, it’s a great option in the bathroom. Darker golds or pale yellows can inject life into the bathroom that’ll help you wake up each morning and feel warm in the evening. It’s a smart color choice for bathrooms that enjoy a lot of natural sunlight from windows or a skylight. It may not be right for people who want to create a peaceful, spa-like space, but it works well for homeowners who want a little more energy in their bathroom.

Cool gray and white trim 
While the typical advice is to avoid dark colors in smaller spaces, it’s not always true. Cool gray walls with the sharp contrast of bright white trim can actually make your bathroom feel large and defined, even in smaller spaces. This color scheme also works well with white sinks and fixtures, a number of tile types and many other strong, but simple design touches. Talk to your designer about whether this calming color pattern is right for your home.

White with texture 
While white may seem boring to many, it can be a great option for a bathroom. White is clean, open and relaxing. To avoid any boredom from this basic color though, make sure you have enough texture. With tile, artwork and many other design pieces, you can add depth and interest to an all-white color scheme.

Don't be afraid to include some texture in your bathroom as well.

Don’t be afraid to include some texture in your bathroom. 

Light blue and green 
Seafoam, moss, teal and dozens of other light greens and pale blues can help make your bathroom relaxing, cool and comfortable. These colors evoke the feeling of nature and the ocean. Work with your designer to pick out paint and tiles that can help you incorporate these shades into your design. Bolder, more vibrant greens and blues can be successful in the bathroom as well, but they don’t work for every space.

Natural browns and grays 
Sandy browns and rocky grays can add a touch of nature to your bathroom without being overpowering. If you want to include stone features in your bathroom or keep it warm without being bright, these understated hues can do the trick. Browns, grays and other natural colors work well for the walls as well as towels and other decor.

Bold and vibrant red 
A bright, dark red isn’t the most typical bathroom color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. A color usually reserved for dining rooms and studies, red can make your bathroom feel energized, elegant and warm all at the same time.

No matter what color palette you’re picturing in your head, your designer can work with you to create a cohesive scheme for your new bathroom that you’ll love.

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