What are some ways I can reorganize my bathroom?

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Bathrooms are typically high traffic areas in the home. People are rushing in and out in the mornings to get ready for the day, and in the evenings, people are trying to prepare for bed. As a result, the bathroom can sometimes end up looking like a tornado swept through. Personal items may be scattered across all surfaces and towels may lay askew. Reorganizing your bathroom can seem like a daunting task, but here are a few tips to get you started.

“Nothing takes up space and ruins feng shui faster than clutter.”

Get rid of junk
The first step to any good organization is to get rid of the unnecessary. Nothing takes up space and ruins feng shui faster than clutter. Do a quick evaluation of the items in your bathroom. Clear out empty product bottles, get rid of old toothbrushes and combs and throw away any junk you don’t need.

Use upward space
Many people neglect to use upward space when reorganizing. Consider having a bathroom remodel expert install shelving above your toilet and in spare corners. These shelves can serve as towel storage, a place for tasteful decorations or simply a space to store pleasantly scented potpourri.

Shower caddies
Instead of overcrowding the area around showers and tubs, hang a shower caddy in your bathing area. This will provide you will a space to hang your favorite soaps, shampoos and face washes, leaving the shower and tub area looking organized.

The use of apothecary jars on the counter is a great way to reduce clutter and help organization.
The use of apothecary jars on the counter is a great way to reduce clutter and help organization.

Get creative with drawer organization
Some of the most difficult areas to organize in a bathroom are the drawers. Makeup and accessories always seem to find a way to form an impossible tangle of disorganization. Drawers are a crucial part of bathroom storage, and organizing them can be a big step in organizing the rest of the bathroom. Desk drawer organizers are excellent products to keep various makeup and other items neat and tidy. Place them in each drawer to avoid the personal product pileup.

Corral hair products
If you find yourself wrestling with the hairdryer, flat iron and curling iron cords, it may be time to rethink your hair appliance storage. Many companies make holders that are designed to adhere to the inside of your cabinet and conveniently store those appliances safely out of the way. This gives you more room and is more visually appealing.

While organizing may not be the most stimulating task, it is necessary for creating a welcoming and efficient atmosphere. This is especially true in the bathroom, as it is such a busy part of the house. By following the above advice, you could get rid of stressful clutter and get the most use of your bathroom area. After all your organization is done, if you still find yourself craving more room, it may be time to consider a bathroom remodel.

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