7 Creative Ideas on Kitchen Makeovers that Will Cost You Next to Nothing

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Kitchen makeovers are a fun process. Unfortunately, it can be hard on the pockets. A lot of people tend to forego changing their kitchens because of the financial limitations it brings. But wait! Did you know that you can actually do a kitchen makeover without spending too much?

From repurposing old items to repainting, you can surely alter the look of your kitchen to suit your personal taste. All you have to do is get creative with ideas. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with creativity and art!

7 Hacks to Save Money While Doing a Kitchen Makeover

Repurpose Old Things

You can save a lot when you repurpose old items. There are many things that you can do using stuff that many people think of as garbage. Old pots and pans, for example, make great planters to decorate your kitchen. You can give “legs” to an old door and convert it to a table or island.

And do you know my most favorite repurpose hack? It’s converting old wine bottles to light fixtures! It may sound crazy, but this has been a craze for most DIY enthusiasts for a while. So you do not need to buy new lights for your kitchen because you can make it yourself with just a flick of ingenuity.

Use Remnant Stones for Countertops

Countertops are kitchen staples. Changing them for a kitchen makeover can be expensive. That is, if you do not know anything about remnant stones. When stones are cut for countertop pieces, they usually have scraps that are often put to waste unless sold as remnants.

Though these stones are leftovers, it doesn’t mean that they are useless. Of course, you can still create beautiful countertops with them. Why spend a lot when you can save and still get that awesome countertop you’ve always dreamt of, right? The brilliant part is that you can choose from granite to marble to quartz – anything!

Add a Unique Backsplash

Kitchens won’t be complete without a nice backsplash. From rustic designs to modern glass splashbacks, you name it! A backsplash functions to protect your kitchen walls. Kitchen walls are most vulnerable to getting dirty, especially when you are preparing ingredients or cooking. Having a backsplash is definitely a welcome addition whenever you do a kitchen makeover.

A backsplash adds a sense of aesthetic purpose to the room as well. There are different backsplash available and you can choose which one suits your kitchen theme better. Personally, a glass backsplash is one of my favorites. They look elegant and I find them very easy to clean as opposed to bricks and other materials.

Repaint the Walls

Want something new? There’s no need to splurge a lot for a different look. You can change the overall look of your kitchen by painting the walls in a different color. Not only will it help improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, but it will also enhance the good ambiance. The most convenient part of repainting is that you can do it yourself! Hence, you’ll be able to save more bucks.

Repainting walls give them a new life and vibrancy. So if you think that something looks dull, take out your paintbrush and splash some paint! Another thing to consider when painting: kids. It’s hard to keep little kids out of the way. But you can engage them with painting activities like asking them to become your little assistants, or perhaps give them a corner where they can have their own canvas to play with.

Don’t Change the Layout

Many people spend too much on kitchen makeovers because they want to change the layout. But there’s no need for you to do it unless you really “hate” your kitchen layout. Changing the layout of a kitchen takes a lot of work. You have to think of new designs, draft a plan, and take out the old layout to construct the new one. It’s definitely a workload!

However, you can do a kitchen makeover without the need to undergo all these hassles. All you have to do is to keep the layout and think of other ways that you can do in order to create a beautiful kitchen. Instead of changing the layout, why not redecorate instead? Rearranging furniture and other kitchen equipment can help give you more space and a new ambiance.

Try DIY Projects

We’ve been talking about a lot of DIY projects all throughout this article. From repurposing old stuff to repainting, there are many things you can do! DIY projects also give you a chance to showcase your artistic self. Though DIY can be time-consuming, it is another way for you to save money when the budget is tight.

DIY projects can also be a family activity. Now that summer is almost here, the most excellent way to bond with one another is to keep the imagination and artistic abilities of each family member rolling.

Add Valance on Kitchen Windows

Valance on kitchen windows gives a different vibe to kitchens. Most often, kitchen windows are neglected. Many people tend to focus on countertops and appliances because they are the most essential things. However, kitchen windows play a crucial role in your kitchen aesthetics as well.

Windows give an ample amount of natural light to your kitchen so that it can have a relaxing ambiance. But too much light can also be a distraction. The best way to provide balance is to add valance to your kitchen windows. There are many designs that you can choose from depending on your new kitchen theme. Valance is definitely an inexpensive addition to the overall look of your kitchen!


You do not need to spend tons of cash if you want to do a kitchen makeover. DIY kitchen makeovers are doable as long as you have the patience and time to spend in making your kitchen look more beautiful.

The constraints of the pandemic have also been one of the problems we are all facing now. It has affected our finances one way or another. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create changes in our household. According to Splendidfans.com, ceiling fans remain the family’s top choice to stay cool instead of ACs. So why not grab one for your kitchen too?

And if you think that it’s too late to start with a kitchen makeover, think again. There’s no such thing as too late! Plan and start your kitchen makeover now.


About The Author: Ann Marie Bantigue is a freelance writer for various industries and niches. Her willingness to promote productivity at home, along with her writing experience, led her to develop a love for interior design. She’s also a regular contributor at Decoist, a web magazine for furniture, decoration and architecture ideas.

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