9 Kitchen Gadgets Sure to Make Your Life Easier

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Kitchen gadgets are made to simplify our lives. They help make cooking quicker, allowing us to create healthy meals easier, and most of them even help to make the kitchen space safer for little ones who want to help us cook.

There are numerous gadgets and odds and ends available for your kitchen, and no kitchen space really has room for them all. So how can you tell the indispensable tools from the clutter? Here are a few of the most useful tools to prioritize space around your kitchen.

1. Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable spiralizers incentive delicious, healthy cooking. Pasta has always been one of the easiest things to throw together on busy nights. However, all those carbs and starches can make many pasta meals less nutritious than we’d like them to be. A vegetable spiralizer allows you to turn vegetables, such as squash or zucchini into noodles to pour your delicious pasta sauce over for a guilt-free comfort dinner.

2. Milk Frother

Milk froth is cherished by children and adults alike. Use you milk frother for at home cappuccinos or make your own lattes and skip the coffee shop. Additionally, use the milk frother to make steamers for the kids on cold nights or become known for making the very best hot chocolates come wintertime.

3. Meat Tenderizer and Thermometer

For most people, meat is among the most expensive food ingredients that we buy. Nonetheless, we may find it worthwhile to spring for quality meat with the promise of a delicious dinner. However, one preparation mistake can really drag down the entire experience. Make your meat cooking process foolproof with a meat tenderizer and meat thermometer. The tenderizer will help to soften up the tough cuts for greater moisture. Additionally, a good kitchen thermometer is indispensable for making sure that the meat is cooked through to the ideal temperature.

4. Herb Saver

Cooking with fresh herbs is a glorious luxury and if you’re anything like us, you would purchase fresh herbs more often if you could be sure that they would stay fresh for a long time. Investing in an herb saver can help you get the most out of these delicate herbs without risking too much waste. Buy them for a particular recipe and then use them all week.

5. Electric Can Opener

Can openers can seem like a small and overlooked luxury, until you don’t have one or find yourself trying to open a can with one that’s broken. Additionally, low quality can openers can leave jagged, unsafe edges for children to use. Electric can openers last for a long time and help reduce risk so everyone in the family will be able to open cans and help cook.

6. Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee begins to stale as soon as you break the seal on the container and expose it to oxygen. However, there are ways to keep your coffee for longer, besides using airtight containers. Whole bean coffee will last much longer once opened than pre-ground coffee. This means a richer, and better, flavor that you can taste.

Additionally, most packages of whole bean coffee offer better value than ground coffee. An efficient electric coffee grinder can help you to easily make this adjustment. These gadgets tend to work on their own with the press of a button and require very little maintenance, making it a win on all sides.

7. Handheld Meat Smoker

While a bit of a novelty, the woody flavor of smoked meat, fish, and barbeque is something that many people crave. Smokers are large and expensive. Additionally, since they require burning, they can be unsafe around children and or can cause a fire danger liability. Not to mention, smoking meat takes a very long time. We’re not saying that the process isn’t worthwhile on special occasions. However, when it’s not accessible and you’re craving that smoky flavor on your next dinner, this handheld smoker is perfectly capable of satisfying. It uses cold smoke, too, making the process safe to do inside the kitchen.

8. Soda Maker

Flavored soda-water and soda-water cocktails seem to be all over the place right now, and we think it’s a good thing. Carbonating water transforms ordinary drinking water with a fun mouthfeel without compromising any of its amazing benefits. Additionally, the ability to flavor your own sodas with natural fruit juice and no added sugar is a great way to offer your children healthier soda alternatives and make low-calorie mixers for your own cocktails.

9. Silicone Oven Mitts

Grillers and bakers alike rejoice in silicone oven mitts for their ability to handle very high heat without conducting it to the hands. Not to mention, silicone oven mitts offer a non-slip surface, more like your hands, than traditional cloth oven mitts, so that you can be sure what you’re grabbing out of the heat won’t just slip out of your grip. You can get these as traditional mitts, or a glove version with separated fingers for more dexterity.


It’s a puzzle to know which kitchen tools and indispensable gadgets are worth the space. It all depends on your lifestyle and cooking style. Nonetheless, these tools are a good way to start your collection for a more efficient, safer kitchen.


About The Author: Kelli is a healthy lifestyle blogger for GroomandStyle.com. She has been a regular contributor to sites talking about the newest trends in home improvement, smart style, fashion and fitness. When she’s not writing, she enjoys photography, hiking and pretty much anything outdoors.


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