10 Simple Habits to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized

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As a homeowner, it won’t be surprising if you’d want to work your way around your kitchen. This explains why you should keep it clean and organized. After all, cooking and eating can be messy.

If you want to maintain your kitchen’s pristine condition, we have listed ten simples habits you should build for a clean and organized kitchen.

Cook and Clean as You Go

One of the essential tips that chefs and even avid home cooks would want you to know when working around the kitchen would be to clean as you go.

While you’re cooking around the kitchen, you should be clearing away countertops and throwing waste in the garbage bin. Cleaning shouldn’t be something you do after you cook.

It would be best to put your used utensils in the dishwasher. That way, you have fewer things to clean after the cooking process. At the same time, you’ll have more room to work with when cooking.

Declutter Drawer Space

The insides of the drawers in your kitchen need decluttering. Just because you’ve managed to tuck away certain items in the kitchen in these drawers doesn’t mean that they’re organized. After all, how many times have people put a thing they didn’t know what to do with and chucked it in a drawer?

One of the ways to keep your kitchen drawers clutter-free is to use drawer organizers. That way, it’s a lot easier to manage things in there without it looking like a mess every time you open it.

Categorize Cabinets

Aside from decluttering kitchen drawers, you should also have a system for the contents of different kitchen cabinets. Figure out which kitchen cabinets contain glassware, mugs, and the like and which ones are hiding kitchen appliances.

It’s a good idea to keep the items you use most often in the places that are easiest to access, while the ones you don’t use often should be in harder-to-reach areas. By organizing your kitchen cabinets this way, it becomes easier to remember where you store and keep your items.

Have a Place for Everything

If you don’t have enough cabinets for your kitchen utensils and other items, it might be a good idea to get some more kitchen cabinets installed.

It requires more of an investment from you, but it is one of the excellent ways to ensure that every kitchen item has a place. When everything in the kitchen has its place, it is easier for you to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. Instead of adding storage solutions that look out of place, built-in kitchen cabinets are an attractive way of keeping things organized.

Of course, having kitchen cabinets is not enough. You have to have a system of organization with the contents of the kitchen cabinets. Everybody who lives with you should know what that system is so that it’s not only you keeping things organized in the kitchen cabinet.

Use Storage Containers

Storage containers are an excellent way to make the most out of the vertical spaces you may. This can include your fridge and kitchen cabinet.

Having storage containers in the fridge makes it a lot easier to keep some things from being contaminated. It also makes the fridge look organized. You can also use storage containers to get food items out of their original packaging, which can be damaged.

You can also coordinate the storage containers you use in your pantry to make it look more appealing.

Wash and Dry Dishes Immediately

After washing your dishes, get into the habit of putting them away immediately instead of letting them stay on your dish rack.

Considering getting rid of it altogether. Letting wet things pool water can lead to mold build-up in your kitchen.

Also, please don’t wait until the next day to deal with dirty dishes. Wash them as soon as you can.

Clear the Counters and Table Everyday

There are parts of the home that tend to get clustered faster. Probably because we have a small storage solution or the existing mess makes us think that it is okay to keep on filling it up with our belongings.

To prevent that, you should take the time to clear the counters daily. Doing so ensures that the clutter won’t get out of hand.

Make it a habit to check these hotspots for clutter in your house at the end of every day. That way, you can get rid of anything that people might have left on there. When people see a cluttered kitchen counter, they’ll be more likely to add to the mess.

Aside from clearing the counters and table every day, you should let your family know to keep it clutter-free. Sharing to them the fact that kitchen counters are where you prepare food should help reinforce that.

Store Your Trash Can Under the Sink

Instead of having your trash bin visible around the kitchen, why not store your trash can under the sink? Some people even have a design where they pull a cabinet, but that cabinet leads into the trash bin so they can discreetly get rid of waste in their kitchen.

Storing the trashcan under the sink will make your kitchen look a lot cleaner. If you have kids or pets in the house, the trash bin will also be more inaccessible to them that way.

Keep it Minimal

Although we encourage you to use storage containers in your kitchen, please don’t go crazy about it. Otherwise, the storage containers will end up making your kitchen look cluttered.

You should keep things as minimal as possible. Reduce the kitchen items and appliances on your kitchen counters.

Consider Your Needs

An excellent way to keep your kitchen organized is to consider how you use your kitchen. That way, you’d know what items and appliances to bring in. You’d also learn how to make the entire space ergonomic.

An ergonomic kitchen allows you to be efficient without compromising comfort. Thus, you can work in your kitchen with ease.

If you are pressed for time, you can hire professional home cleaners in your area. For example, typing in “house cleaning” on Google.

When you build the habits listed above, making your kitchen spick and span will be easy as a breeze. After all, this is where you prep, cook and serve your food. Hence, you should not compromise its cleanliness.

About the Author: Robert Helms is a freelance writer based in New Your City whose mission is to help travelers, hostel owners, and house cleaning NYC companies work together. When not writing for clients, he prefers to spend his day cleaning and organizing his own home.
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