How to Equip Your Kitchen with the Best Gadgets and Appliances

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Every part of modern-day life is improved and streamlined by smart gadgets, and the kitchen has been at the forefront of this from the very beginning. Many gadgets on the market today are merely a talking point, but the equipment available for homeowners will make your life easier, and your food taste better. The kitchen is seen as the heart of the home, so we have looked at some of the must-have gadgets and toys every homeowner should have at their disposal.

Smart Refrigeration

One of the first areas that technology crept into our kitchens is the humble refrigerator. We have moved on a lot since the days of sticking a block of ice in a cupboard to keep our snacking essentials fresh. Today there is a range of options available for every budget, and some have enough room to store food for a small army. Touch screen refrigerators have been with us for a while, but now we have screens where you can keep in touch with family, manage the grocery list and watch TV, stream movies or play your favorite songs. Some of the best smart refrigerators on the market have vitamin preserving lighting and sophisticated airflow to ensure your ‘five a day’ stay as fresh as you bought them. You can also have inbuilt cameras so you can have a look in the refrigerator while in the grocery store, so you never forget an item you need when restocking.

Coffee Connoisseur

When we watch any sitcom on TV, there is always a group of cool people sitting around a kitchen drinking coffee, and not just standard instant, they usually have some fantastic coffee machine that you only see in high priced cafes. Your kitchen should be no different as there are excellent products to help you grind and brew your favorite cup with chic elegance. Before brewing your coffee, it first needs to be ground to the correct size, to help with this task there are a plethora of coffee grinders to suit your needs. Just smashing your coffee beans into smaller pieces does not give the desired taste, you need a modern grinder that grinds to specific sizes and deposits your ground beans ready for use. Once you have your beans available, you will want a smart coffee machine whereby you can set it up the night before on a timer or contact it through your smartphone to let it know to start brewing, and this saves you sitting and waiting in the morning for your first cup of joe.

Trendy Trash

Disposing of our trash has long been a contentious issue as most of our household goods come in various forms of packaging which needs to be recycled or thrown in the dumpster. There have been many attempts at smart trash cans, and these usually are, hands-free, sensor-controlled lids that lift when we need them. Any gadget loving homeowner will enjoy the range on offer today. Smart trash cans are now coated to eliminate the buildup of fingerprints, which can hide bacteria, along with barcode scanners so you can swipe an item which will automatically be added to your grocery list. One of the best innovations we have seen with modern smart trash cans is their ability to hold so much more waste through compacting the trash into tiny pieces. There is also a range of smart trash cans that spray odor eliminating compounds to keep your kitchen smelling great.

Clever Kettles

We have all been caught out before by boiling water in our kettle for the phone to ring and by the time we are done the kettle needs to be reboiled. With the latest range of smart kettles available that will never happen again. As with many kitchen gadgets you can have your phone work as a remote control for your kettle so you can tell it what temperature to heat to, whether it should keep the water at the desired temperature (for up to 2 hours) and when it should start boiling before you wake up. There is also a range that allows you to brew tea in the kettle, boil water instantly and includes safety features that stop the kettle if there is no water inside. It’s safe to say, that not too long ago, it would have been fairly hard to predict that boiling water would become such a high-tech affair – and we’re all the happier for it.

Some of the kitchen gadgets mentioned above are a little expensive, but there are entry-level items you can buy to start you on the road to your very own smart kitchen. One of the main features in all the items we discussed is longevity, which means you pay a little more today, but the item will last much longer than the standard gear you might have bought in the past. Get your kitchen up to spec with a few of these gadgets, and you will not regret it.


About The Author: Sofia is a passionate writer from Sydney. She also enjoys decorating houses and engaging in home renovation projects. That is why she loves sharing her experience and advice with other people through her writing. Besides this, she loves technology and gadgets which can help us get through a busy workday.  Follow her on Twitter.

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