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If you’re in the market for bay or bow windows, you’ve come to the right place. Alure proudly installs MaxSeries replacement windows, and our expansive product selection includes picturesque bay and bow windows that will enhance the style of your home.

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What Are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay windows consist of three window panes that extend outward from the side of the home. They typically include a large window in the center and two smaller windows on the sides. While bow windows are similar to bay windows—in that they both project outward—bow windows include more window panes (often four to six) and thus have more of a curved appearance.

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Why Choose Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay and bow windows are a stunning choice for any room. Unlike other types of replacement windows that sit flush against a wall, bay and bow windows include a shelf area that can be used to display picture frames and other home décor. The number of window panes, as well as the configuration of the panes, allows for a tremendous amount of natural light. Plus, operable panes provide excellent ventilation.

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Our Bay & Bow Windows

MaxSeries’ bay and bow windows are the finest bay and bow windows on the market. The head and seat boards, which are available in pine and oak varieties, are insulated for maximum comfort. In addition to selecting from a wide variety of style offerings, homeowners can choose from double-hung and casement options for the side panes on bay windows, and they can even decide whether they want the center pane to be operable (bow windows are available in casement configurations).

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