How to Create a Relaxing Retreat in Your Home

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Home should be a relaxing sanctuary for those living in it. It’s the place where you can forget about your stressed day at work and daily problems.

However, a sanctuary doesn’t just magically come to life. You need to go through several steps where you will find just the right combination of comfortable furniture, lovely decorative items and colors and textures. All of that has to be balanced and well-fitted to make your home cozy and modern.

Stick to natural materials

Natural materials for the furniture and additional furnishing are always a better option. Light cotton is very calming and gentle for the skin. You can use it for the sheets, curtains, and drapery. Its relaxing, light color and its softness make it a top material for a cozy home.

Wood and stone complement cotton beautifully. In a way, you are bringing nature into your home through these materials. Use these materials for the furniture such as tables, chairs, desks, wardrobe, and cupboards. They will make you feel grounded, which is exactly what you need after a tiring, hectic day.

Hide the electronics

Artificial computer screen light isn’t good for our eyes and our overall well-being in times when we need rest. Do your best to hide it so that it doesn’t distract you. Your gadgets shouldn’t be lying around, especially too close to your favorite Zen space. This also includes power cords and accessories. Your big screen can be hidden in a TV cabinet, while natural-looking charging towers can simply blend into the environment. There are many useful tricks to hide things you don’t want to be visible all the time, so explore some sneaky storage solutions online.

Create a reading corner

Reading takes us to another dimension. When we read a good book, we become totally immersed in its world, forgetting about what’s happening around us and what annoyed us that day. We are alone with the book in our hands, decompressing and enjoying.

That’s why it’s necessary to try to create a cozy reading corner somewhere inside your home. Look around – is there a corner of the study or the bedroom or even a spare closet you can use? It’s important to find a spot where you won’t be interrupted by the telephone or laptop.

Get a comfortable chair and place it so that you can look through the window. Make an effort to have the best possible view on the outside – trim the branches or at least plant a window box.

Place a small table next to the chair, big enough to put a lamp, a book and a cup on it. For extra comfort, get a footstool or an ottoman. If you really want to help your sore feet, the perfect solution are electric foot and calf massagers which you can simply “put on” while reading your book. Doesn’t it sound just perfect? Finally, add a soft throw over the chair to feel truly tucked in, especially in the winter nights. Don’t be surprised if you doze off at one point.

Soak your worries in a relaxing bathroom

If you usually jump out of the shower in 5 minutes, it’s time to slow down and allow yourself to enjoy a long, bubbly bath that will spoil all your senses.

The first step is to take care of the lighting in the bathroom. Install a dimmer switch or if there’s enough space for a chandelier over your head, you’ll be delighted by the look of small bubbles in the bath shimmering and glittering under the light.

A radio or a stereo should be close by so that you can focus solely on relaxing music and nothing else. Don’t let it be too loud but rather soothing.

A wonderful bath framed with aromatherapy candles is a great sight. Make sure you stick to the same scent, otherwise, the fragrances will be too strong and too distracting for true relaxation. Pour a luxurious bubble bath or even a bath oil – it will make your skin incredibly soft, and you’ll want to stay in the bath all night.

Final touch – thick, hotel-sized towels are a must. Invest in them and feel pampered when you get out of the bath and wrap yourself in them. Additionally, get a satin or terry bathrobe. In case you have a large bathroom, maybe you could add a bench or a lounge chair where you can comfortably sit while applying nurturing oils to your body.

A comfy place for your hobbies

Our hobbies are our little passions that often get neglected after a while. The fast speed of our lives and the piling obligations make us forget about things we enjoy doing and which help us relieve stress.

Create a space where you can do your hobby without anybody interrupting you. Once you create it, you will be more motivated to find time for your hobby at least once a week.

Get yourself a desk, a cozy chair and an inspirational view from the window. If you are forced to share an area of a room, then place a divider screen to separate your hobby area from the rest of the room.

If you enjoy writing letters, get a lovely writing desk and tuck it in a corner of your bedroom, for example.

If you enjoy painting, then set up an easel, arrange your pencils, pastels, and paints, make sure you have good lighting and a view, as well as a grand chair. Do your best to create that space for yourself where you can contemplate your work.

In case you enjoy building model airplanes, boats or furniture, then your private sanctuary will be best if created in the garage or the basement. Have everything arranged there, especially the tools and materials so that your space doesn’t turn into a huge mess after a while.

Aim for the minimalism

It’s easier to understand why minimalism is something to strive for if you think of your home like your brain. Too many things in your brain will lead to a crowded space where you can’t think clearly anymore. It’s the same with your home – too much stuff all around you won’t feel relaxing but overwhelming. To keep your home Zen, it’s best to search for smart storage solutions that will be decorative, as well as useful. Only a couple of items should be used as accents in each room. Every room should have just one big focal point when it comes to furniture, and there shouldn’t be too many distractions around it.


Take your time while choosing the right area and the right elements that will make up your sanctuary. Allow yourself to experiment and to follow your impulses. Only then will the sanctuary be truly yours.


About The Author: Emma Williams is a young mother of 2, having expertise in writing about various topics of lifestyle, beauty, home improvement and a lot more. She enjoys diving into new aspects of life, learning as much as possible from the business world, marketing and branding. She likes sharing her thoughts and ideas to the world and helping people to get easier access to the secrets of the world.
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