Why You Should Renovate Your New Home

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Even a brand new home is going to need a few touches to make it your own. It’s important to note that experts say that a renovation includes cosmetic changes while a remodel means moving walls and doing big construction. There are many good reasons to renovate your new home.

Your Favorite Belongings Will Look Great

If you have furniture in colors that you adore, paint before you move in. Choose colors that will make your favorite china cabinet or wing-back chair look like it was designed for space. Make sure that you stretch your color palette, however.

For example, if your last living room was grey and your black entertainment cabinet looked terrific, consider a new shade for the walls in your new family room. If your new carpet is a sandy tan, keep the black cabinet but use a light sage or smoky rose on the walls of the space. The carpet will match, the cabinet will still look great, and you won’t decorate your new house exactly like the old one.

You Can Make Your Front Door a Welcoming Presence

Check the local HOA rulebook and brighten up your front door. Paint it in the strongest allowable shade and add plant pots to increase the color. Mount a “Welcome” sign to your front porch support or near your porch light so folks will know you’re happy to meet them!

Make sure you view the front of your home from the yard or sidewalk. How do the drapes look from the outside? If blinds are droopy or tired, take them down and put up sheers or new vertical blinds for more sun protection. If you can find a nice spot for a flower box, add one.

Getting Organized Will Be a Breeze

Check with your local real estate agents about the best local handyman professionals or hire a carpenter to build in some shelving in your living room. If you’re not sure about where the shelving should go as yet, wait and work on your kitchen.

Give yourself a treat and install sliders in your bottom cabinets. These simple tools can be added with a drill and a little measuring, and once they’re in place your lower cupboards will be easy to access and simple to organize. Whether you choose to go with a wire bottom or a solid drawer pull, make sure you invest in slides with a high weight tolerance. Once you can pull that slider out and see everything in your bottom cabinet, you will probably fill it up.

You Can Make Moving Easier

If you’re ready for a color change, you can start renovating your new home before you move. After a moving date has been determined, find an upholsterer to come collect your biggest pieces of furniture that need a bit of an update. Choose a new suede fabric for your sleeper sofa, or consider silk for your wingback chairs. No matter what you do, make sure they will hold the furniture until you are in your new place and get things delivered to your new home once you have the keys.

This schedule may mean that you have to go without the family sofa for a week or two before you move. However, since you’ll be busy sorting, tossing, donating, and packing, removing the temptation can actually make your choices a bit easier.

Do What Makes You Happy

Unless you had your home built to your specifications, there are going to be things that you don’t like about it. The desire to continuously improve your home is natural and normal; it shows that you maintain an interest in your nest.


Your new home should welcome and comfort you. Feel free to make cosmetic changes or choose to start big remodel projects. The most important thing is that you are happy, feel settled, and can celebrate a home that you feel comfortable in.

About The Author: Tracie Johnson is a New Jersey native and an alum of Penn State University. She is passionate about writing, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle. She feels happiest when around a campfire surrounded by friends, family, and her Dachshund named Rufus.
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