Building a Capsule Wardrobe that Fits in a Tiny Home Closet

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To fit a wardrobe into a tiny closet or smaller storage space in a tiny home many tiny home owners choose to completely overhaul their wardrobe for a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is one that includes a set amount of clothes for each season. In other words, you have a box or capsule of clothes for each season. Those who want to use as little storage space for their clothing as possible opt to condense their fall winter clothes into one capsule and their spring summer clothes into another. 

The total amount of clothes you choose to have in each capsule is up to you, but the driving idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to retain as minimal amount of clothing as possible that will mix and match in numerous ways to save on space while still having plenty of clothing options. 

Creating your own capsule wardrobe to fit well within your tiny home will take a little bit of work and re-thinking, but it can be done, and you may even find you are much more pleased with your new wardrobe options than your old. 

Here are some tips for starting your own capsule wardrobe to fit into your tiny home’s closet: 

Find Your Favorite Neutrals 

Neutral colors are the easiest to mix and match as they are called neutrals for a reason. Essentially neutral colors go with anything else they are paired with. The most common neutral colors are white. black, brown, and khaki/tan. Other colors that are considered neutral include navy blue, olive green, gold, silver, and various different shades of gray. Start by keeping your staples in the neutral color palette so that they will go with anything else in your wardrobe. 

Find Styles that Look Best on Your Body Type 

Not every silhouette and cut of a garment of clothing is going to look the most flattering on every body type, in fact, the whole one size fits all is lost on anything other than a T-shirt really. Not all styles are going to look amazing on every person. And you may find that styles people feel you look good in, you just don’t like or you do not feel comfortable and confident in. Keep to your favorite cuts and silhouettes that you really love and make you feel confident. Try to make sure that these are classic pieces that will last you for several years as opposed to passing trends. 

Consider the Type of Clothing you Need for Your Lifestyle 

If you do not work in a professional office setting you will not need to purchase a ton of dressier or business-style clothes. Think of the places where you spend most of your time and what dress codes those require. If you work in an office space for example, that allows you to dress business casual you may want to make this the bigger staple of your clothing pieces and you may even want to use pieces that could work both for work and not being at work.  

Create a Good Amount of the Basics and Sprinkle in Some Fun 

“Start off by asking yourself what you wear most often and what you need to wear most often. If you wear jeans, then investing in 2 to 4 pairs of high-quality jeans that will be in style and last you for several years to come is a good choice. Then add in other staple items like shirts that you really love and would not mind wearing all the time on a short rotation and other staple items like sweaters, shorts for warm weather, etc…” said Kris Larson, real estate agent.

Now that you have your basics covered, you can sprinkle in a few lesser needed and fun items like a dress for going out, or a super trendy colorful piece of clothing that you may no longer love a year from now. Just make sure to be very sparing on purchasing these types of items. 

If you are visual, you could always go online and look at pictures of other people’s capsule wardrobes, or pictures of capsule wardrobes put together by stylists to help you find your capsule wardrobe launching point. 


Consolidation and organization is key when relocating to a tiny home situation. The minimalist approach really must be embraced for the system to work.


About The Author: Tammy Emineth is a published author who writes for several websites on real estate, homeownership, gardening and remodeling.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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