5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Shelving

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Decorating an empty shelf can be difficult if you don’t know how to keep those spaces from looking boring. If you are searching for ideas to help you deck out your bare shelves, here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your shelving.

Styling the perfect shelf requires you to think about how it will function and look like. Below we have outlined some simple ideas for decorating shelves.

Paint Your Shelves

Most cool shelves are available in wood tones and basic whites or blacks. However, you can opt for glow in the dark paint and use it to decorate the exterior and interior surfaces of your shelves. This will also make things easier to find at night!

Alternatively, you can opt to go monochromatic and use the color on your surrounding walls to paint your shelves. This is important because it ensures your spaces don’t look mismatched. You shouldn’t also be afraid to paint your shelves with bolder colors.

Painted shelves can make neutral spaces look stunning or be a great addition to your room’s color palette. Moreover, adding color draws attention to the items you are displaying on your shelves while ensuring your decorating efforts go unnoticed.

Showcase Your Favorite Objects

Although this sounds obvious, you can also decorate your shelves by displaying the items you love most. It feels good placing the objects that matter to you on your shelves and showcasing them to your friends and visitors.

For instance, you can show off your accomplishments or display treasures you brought from recent trips. Your living space is where you can tell your stories through the items you choose to surround yourself with.

If the objects on your shelves help you remember different experiences or speak to you, then they create a home that you can be happier inviting guests over or living in.

Lean Pictures and Artwork

Instead of hanging your pictures, lean them in a stylish way to break the norm. Apart from being elegant, displaying photos and art on the shelves is ideal for small homes. Gone are the days wondering if your painting looks amazing or worrying about uneven spaces.

Just let your favorite pictures and artwork lean against your walls. What’s more, you can group together small pictures and long shelves, allowing you to mix and match your artwork. In fact, you can pull out your entire artwork and keep matching different pieces until you achieve the perfect look.

Display Reading Materials

Magazines and books can stack up quickly especially if you’re an avid reader. However, you shouldn’t allow them to clutter your spaces. Instead, use your favorite magazines to decorate shelves that look bare.

You can also opt to go minimal and use a few of the covers you love as 3-D visual artwork. Additionally, you can create a color story using your magazines to boost your living spaces’ color palette.

If you are looking for a classic design idea, display your reading materials close to each other vertically and use bookends to hold them.

Incorporate a Few Plants

Use greenery to add life to your empty shelf. You only need a few potted plants to spruce up your room. The plants can add a pop of color to your space and texture to your boring shelves. However, go for greenery with a visual appeal such as edgy succulents.

Fresh flowers are also a plus because they smell nice. Flora of different sizes and shapes are also ideal for decorating shelves filled with reading materials. Apart from decorating your shelves, plants can also improve your productivity and concentration by up to 15%, so consider using them at your home office.


Displaying your favorite items on empty shelves can add style to spaces in your home. We hope the above ideas will inspire you to decorate your shelves elegantly so that you show off your pieces confidently.

About The Author: Written by Emma Wilson.
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

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