6 Must-Have Home Items for a Doggie Bedroom

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For those pet-parents who love their animals more than anything in the world… well, decorating for their pets comes naturally. Whether it’s just decor or a functional item for your animal to use, it’s a bit of canine personality creeping through that matters. Read on for some excellent dog-related ideas for your bedroom.

1. Custom Dog Bed Frame

Dog beds aren’t always attractive, and having them sitting on the floor doesn’t look great in all cases. Fortunately, you can actually find custom frames for dog beds, allowing you to set the bed in and enjoy something a bit more appealing.

Of course, the bed inside matters a lot as well. An orthopedic bed is essential for larger breeds, and memory foam can also be helpful for smaller pets while saving some money. The difference between those two is substantial when it comes to health benefits.

You can even make your own frame if you’ve got the skills. Why not make something special for your favorite canine companion?

2. Dog Steps

If you let your dogs sleep in the bed, then you may want to think about getting dog stairs. They’ll allow your dog to safely ascend and descend from the bed. Many people underestimate how much it can tax a dog’s joints to take that relatively small jump.

There are both wood and cloth varieties. Wooden steps are good for dogs who may be a bit unsure in their footing. The solid surface lets them get a better grip.

Cloth steps are fine for medium size dogs, who have enough weight to hold them in place. You’ll probably want to switch to the more-expensive wooden stairs as your dog ages, however.

In either case, they’re a convenient way to let your pup get in bed with you.

3. Designer Crate

If your dog is crate-trained, then you should look into finding a great designer crate. They’re available in colors, and if you’re willing to spend the money you can even find some with great metalwork.

The crate is your dog’s den substitute, and making sure they’re cozy in it is easy enough after training. Unfortunately, it’s you who will have to observe the drab thing in your room.

Liven it up by picking a crate that suits your aesthetic tastes, rather than just finding one which works for your dog’s size.

4. Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls

You should opt for stainless steel for your dog’s food and drink. The material has antibacterial properties, and it’s easy to clean if anything gets crusted on.

The good news is that you don’t have to opt for the boring bowls of years past. You can find them with many designs around the outside.

One thing to consider when looking for bowls: take a look for any crevices which will be hard to clean. They can get tricky if you’re not on top of things, and no one wants to spend five minutes scrubbing at a corner to get a bit of food.

Other than that? Stainless steel is healthy and will outlive both of you, so use that to your advantage.

5. Dog Portrait

There are many strange things that can easily be found in the modern world of internet shopping. Among them are pet portraits.

The whole industry relies on gimmicks for the most part, but many of them can be downright amazing. There are people who will paint your dog, others who will make caricatures, and even those who will photoshop your pet’s face onto a body wearing clothes.

The options are almost endless. Marketplaces like Etsy and Fiverr are your best bet, keep looking until you find the right portrait artist!

6. Cute Food Mats

Even the best-behaved dog is likely to still be a messy eater. That’s what food mats are for, and if you’re going all out in the bedroom you can do a lot better than plain black or white rubber.

The best part is that great mats are all over the place. It’s unlikely you’ll have to settle if you have some patience, just keep looking and you’ll find the mat that speaks to you in no time.

You should also look for one which is easy to clean. It never fails to surprise people just how much mess their dogs can make throughout the day.

They’re essential, but most people forget about them. Don’t make the same mistake: find a cute food mat that you won’t hate looking at. This is one place where you’re unlikely to need a compromise.

A Great Doggone Room

There are few better ways to enjoy life with your dog than getting the right stuff for both of you. With the internet at your fingertips, you’ll rarely have to settle, it’s just a matter of applying some of that web-savvy to find exceptional dog-themed products.


Are you ready to find the right stuff to make your dog happy and make your room look great?

About The Author: Emily Green, Doggie Designer CEO & Founder. Emily’s love and enthusiasm for dogs have been there ever since she got her first dog at 6 years old. She started this site as a hobby project to help dog owners find answers to the questions she had while owning her first dog. She’s known as one of Chicago’s most dedicated dog people. You’ll also find her at multiple pet trade shows and conferences each year such as P3, Groom Expo, and Interzoo.
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