The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

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Sprucing up your place with a myriad of indoor plants, is one of the best ways for you to stylize your home. Combining greenery and plants adds a whole other dimension of beauty and excitement. Gardening is a great hobby, even if you don’t own a garden doesn’t mean you can’t start.

The benefits of gardening in or outside of your home are enormous. Plants and greenery can reduce your stress, enough of them can purify your air, and last but not least it improves the aesthetics of your home hugely. Especially if you tend to not do much in your home, gardening is the best way to start a new hobby and keep yourself occupied.


Pothos is an easy to grow vine plant that you’ll have to trim every once in a while or it may get a little too long. It is toxic if you eat it, so be careful of any kids that come by. The leaves will vary in color the more sun it receives.

Generally it’s vines won’t grow any longer than eight feet long. You will want to keep the soil moderately dry, not too wet or you’ll have problems growing it. In terms of sunlight, it doesn’t need much sun. It will comfortably grow in front of the clouds.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a must have for obvious reasons. A plant like this grabs attention and any new visitors are sure to make comments on it. If you’re bored with your home, get a spider plant, you will not regret it. It’s attention grabbing, has great colors, and again is easy to grow.

Unlike the pothos it’s going to need a lot of sunlight. It’s important you keep it in front of a window where it can get a lot of sun every day. The more the merrier for the spider plant. It will grow about a maximum of one foot high, and two feet wide.  Very quickly its leaves weigh it down so it never grows too high.

Keep the soil evenly moist as it needs much more water than other plants. Try watering twice a day to keep that moisture even. If you want to create a new plant, simply cut off a piece that’s in the ground, that has some roots and replant it in a new pot.

Rubber Tree

The Rubber tree is my favorite plant for a variety of reasons, the photo here is a small example of just how big it can get. If you have space in your home, and you’re considering a real transformation of greenery, this is a must have. The rubber tree is vital as it’s a tree, not a plant. That means it can grow to your ceiling if you allow it.

The sap of the rubber tree can cause some skin irritation, so be careful or wear some gloves when tending to it. It’s going to need sunlight but not a huge amount, some daily sunlight will do the trick. Since this thing can get quite large you’ll want to prune it with some scissors or shears if you don’t have space.

It can grow around eight feet high and four feet wide, generally speaking. It doesn’t need much water. The soil should be dry between each watering.

Dumb Cane

The dumb cane is a perfect inside and outdoor plant. If you have a patio or balcony the dumb cane is perfect. It needs sunlight but not huge amounts, if you leave it by the window or on your balcony there shouldn’t be a problem.

For watering you’re going to want to keep the soil evenly moist and not too dry. The dumb cane can get quite large its maximum size is about six feet tall and its width is three feet. 

Snake Plant

The snake plant is my personal favorite, simply because a good looking pot can make it look that much better. It’s arguably the most aesthetic plant in this list, my personal favorite, and something we all can imitate.

It’s light and dark green patterns really steal the show and since it’s an indoor plant it doesn’t have the usual leafy feel to it, compared to the other plants we have mentioned so far.

The snake plant is by the far the easiest to maintain, it requires little sunlight, cloudy days will suit it well. It is a stubborn plant and even with neglect it will continue growing. Watering once per day is fine, make sure the surface is dry before you water it. Too much moisture in the soil can cause problems. Its maximum size is four feet tall and four feet wide.


Inside or outside, gardening is a great new hobby.  Whether you own an outdoor garden or a cramped home, gardening is a great hobby to start. What’s best is that it doesn’t take up much of your time. The barrier of entry is low, it doesn’t require much skill and adds a whole new level of aesthetic to your living areas.


About The Author: Tristan is a passionate garden blogger from Sydney Gardeners, he has a passion for sharing everything on sustainability and gardening. He spends most of his time on his blog which you can find here.
Photo by Kelsey Brown on Unsplash

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