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Walking into your home and immediately smelling some funky smells is not ideal but something we can all relate to, it’s hard to pinpoint where this smell might be coming from and in the end you resort to a commercial spray, a scented candle to mask these bad odors. The problem is so many of these commercial air fresheners bring a very artificial smell that feels like they could be packed full of chemicals.

Luckily for us there are a variety of ways we can make our homes smell far better without resorting to store bought products. In this guide we’ll show you how you can create entirely natural scents and deodorants with the help of herbs and essential oils, the best thing is that a lot of these recipes use common household items and finding the ingredients won’t be difficult.

Why should you use homemade scents?

If you create homemade scents in bulk it can actually be far cheaper than purchasing them from the store, a store bought deodorant is made to be replaced and rebought, you’ll never be getting value for your money compared if you create homemade scents in bulk.

You don’t know what ingredients are being used in conventional scents and you are breathing them in throughout your house. On the other hand doing DIY means you’ll know exactly what ingredients are being used in your herbal concoction. There’s also been a study proving that common air fresheners could contain chemicals that are harmful to us.

With all that being said sometimes the bad smells aren’t coming from something in our house but are actually coming from us! That’s why we’ve included a natural deodorant recipe for anyone who needs to freshen up.

Homemade Room and Furniture Deodorizing Spray

This recipe is very simple and perfect for adding fragrance to the air or masking any bad smells your furniture might produce. You can use your favorite essential oils to the recipe as they add a great zest of fragrance.


  • 2-3 drops essential oils of your choice
  • Tablespoon baking soda
  • Distilled water

This simple recipe is perfect for any light odors, add the mixture into a spray bottle mixing it thoroughly and allow it to sit for one hour. Then spray it as a mist throughout your home or on sour smelling furniture.

Natural Room Diffuser

Sometimes opening the windows to let a breeze in to remove any bad odors won’t get the job done.

If you want to keep your home or rooms sweet smelling all the time, a diffuser is definitely the way to go; it’ll keep your home sweet smelling with very little effort. Diffusers do come with their own fragrances but these are usually cheaply made and contain all these artificial smells. Here’s a natural technique to making your own diffuser.

  1. Wooden bamboo skewers
  2. Small jar or glass
  3. Water
  4. Your choice of essential oils

This product is actually getting quite popular and you’ve may have seen it in a few health or beauty stores. Chop the bamboo skewers by about half a centimeter. Then mix essential oils with water in your jar of choice until you can smell a strong aroma coming from the jar when you put your nose to it. Next add your tripped bamboo skewers in the liquid and let them sit, that’s it.

I like to put this natural diffuser in my bathroom as it masks the bad smells produced from the toilet very well. How this natural diffuser works is that the oil travels up through the bamboo skewers and the scent is emitted throughout the room. I know it’s hard to get your head around but try it for yourself and you’ll see just how well it works.

Natural Deodorant Recipe

We’ve gone over how you can mask bad smells in the air and on furniture with natural diffusers or sprays, keeping a room sweet smelling without any effort by you, but after a big day. Bad odor can be coming from you. For this reason we’ve worked on a natural deodorant recipe with the help of lots of herbs that we can think is perfect for anyone who wants to ditch the questionable ingredients used in conventional deodorants.


  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 6–10 drops of essential oil

We recommend you use one type of essential oil, two at the max. Some oils don’t mix well together, test a mix out before you create the deodorant. We also recommend making sure your essential oils come from a reputable seller because a lot of essential oils these days are artificially made and not derived from natural ingredients.

The recipe:

  1. Melt the coconut oil until it’s in a liquid state
  2. Add the essential oils to the melted coconut oil, mixing thoroughly
  3. Mix in the cornstarch and baking soda
  4. Pour the mixture into a glass jar, storing it in your refrigerator

Once the deodorant has hardened in your refrigerator you can reuse a deodorant container and add the mixture into it. You now have your own natural deodorant that’ll keep you and your home odor free. One thing to consider is on very hot days keep your homemade deodorant in a cooler place because it can melt if the temperature gets especially hot.


If you’re struggling with a home that is somehow producing some questionable smells, hopefully this guide can change that for you. So many products that we use in our daily lives are derived from unnatural chemical ingredients and we really have no idea what effects these have in the long term. This sentiment is reflected in growing popularity for organic and natural shopping and hopefully more businesses will make the switch to using natural ingredients.


About The Author: Jim is a passionate skincare and organic junky, he runs his own site where he gives his opinions on skincare and the environment.
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

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