How To Make Your Home Look More Airy and Spacious

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We all want our homes to feel light, spacious, and airy. Fortunately, you don’t always need to knock down walls, add more rooms, or undergo a major renovation to achieve this.

Sometimes, all you need are these clever interior design tricks to make your home look bigger.

Create an Illusion of Space Through Mirrors

Mirrors are must-haves in a tiny house. They create an illusion of depth and increased volume, making a room look bigger.

Here are some ways on how to use mirrors to make your home appear bigger:

  • For a small room without a window, use a mirror that’s cut and framed to mimic one.
  • Place a mirror in your kitchen to create an illusion of a “window” that opens the room beyond.
  • Place a tall mirror to draw the eye upward, making the room feel more spacious.
  • Create an artistic collection of mirrors on your hallway to transform what is often the narrowest and dimmest part of your home.

Brighten Up Your Space With Light Colors

One of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger is by painting it with bright colors. The reason is that bright colors are more reflective so they maximize the effect of natural light.

As a result, your space feels more open and airy. Meanwhile, dark shades absorb light, making your room feel smaller.

Some of the best color choices for small rooms are stark white, light taupe, and cool gray.

Consider painting your wall trims and moldings with a shade lighter than your walls to make your room look even bigger.

Get Creative with Lighting

The right lighting can help create a sense of space. First and foremost, don’t rely on a single source of light.

Rather, make use of multiple light sources around your room, such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps on sideboards.

Next, use wall lights to enhance corners. For example, consider installing designer wall lights in awkward areas or corners to make the room appear wider.

You can also utilize the vertical space as a focal point by installing a long pendant hanging light from the ceiling. This works well especially if you have a high ceiling and smaller floor space.

Lastly, don’t forget natural light. It’s always the best way to lighten up a room and make your space airy. Let the sunlight in by using sheer window coverings and pulling them back completely during the day.

If you’ve got an eye on a piece of furniture that makes a one-of-a-kind statement piece, don’t be afraid to buy it. As long as it matches your style and color palette, it’s a great way to open up your space.

Incorporate a Statement Piece

A statement piece can be anything, from an art to a light fixture, or a piece of furniture. It works by shifting one’s attention to the piece as a focal point, rather than the size of the room.

When adding a statement piece, just be mindful of the scale so you don’t end up combining a huge item with something tiny.

Lastly, choose just one statement piece for a room. If you have too many, they will make your space look cramped and heavy.

Create a Focal Point

If you’re not a fan of elaborate statement pieces, create a focal point instead. A focal point can be anything interesting to look at or is visually appealing. It can be artwork, floral arrangements, a paint color, or a unique wall shelving.

Rustic wood ceiling beams make a room bigger because they draw your eyes upward whereas a large round mirror creates a dramatic and spacious area.

A sizable potted tree or a collection of small plants also make an attractive focal point that doesn’t just make your room appear bigger but also makes it brighter and refreshing.

Limit Patterns

Patterns and textures are a great way to add depth and dimension to your room. However, you have to be careful when using them.

The rule of thumb is to use at least three patterns. A popular combination is floral, stripe, and polka dots.

You can always experiment with matching patterns but make sure to distribute them evenly throughout the room for balance. Keeping them on one side of the room can make your space feel cramped and unbalanced.

When it comes to colors, choose those that have the same hue and intensity. You can also go with tone-on-tone patterns that will give more depth, texture, and character to a neutral room.

Use Breezy Fabrics

Instead of heavy fabrics that absorb light and weigh down your room, opt for lighter and brighter fabrics that make your space breezier, cozier, and brighter.

Curtains made of sheer lace or lightweight cotton are perfect for the living room because they let more natural light come through.

For a pleasing look, choose colors that complement the shade of your walls. However, if you want the curtains to be the focus, you can pick a color that contrasts with your walls and furniture.


Creating a bigger space is possible with a few interior design tricks. Hope these tips have inspired you to take a few steps further to make your home a lot cozier, brighter, and beautiful.


About The Author: Leila Amber is a home improvement and interior design expert. She’s the digital content director Carpet Centre. She has a keen interest in the content that inspires her to dig deeper into the practice and create helpful design and décor guides.
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