Bay windows or bow windows: Which are right for you?

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Choosing to install replacement windows is an excellent investment in your home. Not only will the curb appeal and exterior appearance of your home improve, but you could save money on heating and cooling costs. Making the decision to replace your windows is simple enough, but picking the right windows for your house may seem a little more complicated. As demonstrated in the Alure Window Style Guide, there are so many window options to choose from. For now, let’s focus on bay windows and bow windows, the differences between them and which ones would look best on your home.

“Bay windows can be a great source of ventilation.”

Bay windows
This option is simply a 3-paneled window. One panel serves as the center pane while the other two angle inward. The center pane is typically larger than the other two panes to give the window an alluring depth, however, this is not always the case. Bay windows are an excellent option if you’re interested in opening up a room and adding square footage without having to do any major renovations. Additionally, bay windows offer an unobstructed view of the scenery outside your home and can be a great source of ventilation.

Bow windows
Unlike the sharp angles of bay windows, bow windows are often comprised of four or more panels that form a gentle arch. Generally, all the panels of bow windows are the same size, so you don’t get the contrast that you do with bay windows. However, because bow windows sit at a curve instead of an angle, they tend to let in more sunlight. Bow windows are often wider than bay windows because of the additional panels required to form the arch. Therefore, you must consider the amount of space available for your new windows before selecting the bow variety.

This bow window is a beautiful example of how the right window can improve your home's exterior.
This bow window is a beautiful example of how the right window can improve your home’s exterior.

Both bay and bow windows have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes down to making the final selection, it’s really a matter of aesthetic preference, budget and available space. Bay and bow windows are just a few of the many choices available, but they are both excellent options. It doesn’t matter if you choose bay or bow, new windows can drastically improve the look of your home’s exterior. Learn more about finding the right windows for your home by clicking the image below.

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