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Windows are a defining feature in your home's style and functionality. They provide you with natural light and airflow while expressing your design taste. There is a great variety of window style options available. Understanding what you want from your windows will help you determine which style works best for your home. Take a look at some window styles you can choose from. 

This window option is unique in that both the upper and the lower sash operate, which means they can open from the bottom and the top. The double-hung is designed to allow airflow without having any panes or shutters protruding from your home's exterior. Double-hung windows are usually a low-maintenance window option. They are the most common type of window, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful. 

For rooms where you want added airflow, awning windows are your best option. Because they are generally hinged at the top, awning windows can be opened from the bottom. These types of windows create an open, beautiful look on any home.  

For rooms where you want a nice breeze and an unobstructed view, casement windows may be the way to go. These windows are hinged on either the left or the right, depending on which way you'd like them to open. A crank mechanism attached to the bottom opens these windows smoothly and easily. 

These casement windows add unsurpassed style and beauty to this home.
These casement windows add unsurpassed style and beauty to this home.

These are arguably the most attractive window option. Because bay windows protrude outward from the house's exterior, they give the appearance of increased interior space. Bay windows are generally comprised of a stationary center panel with two flanking panels that are set at either 30-degree or 45-degree angles. The two accompanying panels are able to open and shut. 

Very similar to bay windows, bow windows are often configured in a rounded fashion instead of being squared off. The gentle curve gives any home a classical air of elegance. 

Designed with a track for the sashes, slider windows are true to their name. They simply slide left or right to open. The fiberglass windows and frame are easy to maintain and warranted against rot. Sliding windows are perfect for homeowners looking for beauty without hassle. 

Windows can have an impact on the value and curb appeal of your home. By understanding the differences between the various window options, you can make a more informed decision when it comes time to replace your windows.

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