7 signs you need window replacements

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There are many benefits to replacing windows in your home. You can save on your energy bill, protect the interior of your house and more. But how do you decide when you need new ones? Alure Home Improvements’ exterior design specialist Vinnie Maddaloni shared seven surefire signs you need window replacements for your home.

1. The glass is cloudy
If your windows appear cloudy or constantly dirty, it could mean you need to replace them, noted Maddaloni. Not only could new windows just be more aesthetically pleasing, but they could add value to your home when it comes time to put it on the market. Having modern windows can make your home seem more up to date without having to revamp anything else.

2. Your room’s interior is fading
New windows provide a tougher barrier to the sun’s harmful rays than older versions. In fact, some models are as much as 99.7 percent effective in providing UV protection for your home, explained Maddaloni.

“If your furniture, carpeting and drapes are losing their color, it could mean it’s time for new windows,” he said.

3. The exterior is outdated
Older windows can make your home seem outdated. Replacing them with newer ones can add to the home’s curb appeal, and it can significantly change the way you feel about your house when you pull into the driveway. There’s nothing like shiny new windows to modernize its look and feel without undergoing extreme renovations.

4. Your heating or cooling bill is considerably high
Older windows don’t provide nearly as much protection from the outdoor temperatures as newer models. If you feel a cool draft coming from your windows, that’s a clear sign that the heat you use in your home is literally being thrown out the window. The same can be said in the warmer months when you’re using an air conditioner or central air to cool your home.

“People think just because they made it through the winter, they don’t need to worry about energy-efficient windows,” said Maddaloni. “But really, they provide just as much value in the summer as they do in the winter. You probably need to change your windows if you notice yourself moving your couch or bed to keep it from getting hot or cold depending on the weather outside.”

5. They can easily open
Simply locking your windows when you’re not in your home may not be enough when your windows are older models. When deciding whether you need to replace them for security reasons, try placing a hand flat on a locked window and shake it. If you can unlock the window by doing that alone, it’s time to swap them out with newer versions.

“Locking mechanisms in windows have advanced to a point where they’re extremely safe,” said Maddaloni. “Newer windows are jimmy-proof, and they weren’t before.”

6. Maintenance is difficult
You shouldn’t need to climb up a ladder to clean your second-story windows. Newer models can tilt into the home, which means all of the exterior cleaning can be done from inside. The convenience of being able to wash your windows without the risk of a harmful fall is sometimes enough of a reason to switch to new windows.

7. There’s excessive outside noise
In addition to added security, energy efficiency and all of the other benefits of new windows, they provide a more effective barrier to outside noise. If you live in a city, close to a school or another location that’s especially noisy at certain times of the day, it could be in your best interest to add some soundproofing to your home with new windows.

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